Friday, December 21, 2012

The Thorn & the Thistle by Julie Moffett + Featured Freebie

The Thorn & the Thistle
Scotland, 1751
The MacLeods are a strong clan, united with their fellow Scots to resist English rule. But when their leader, the Black Wolf, is struck down in battle, it is up to his daughter to keep the rebellion alive. Megan knows she must act quickly or risk losing the fight for their ancestral lands. Desperate, she secretly assumes the Black Wolf's mantle, fooling their enemies into thinking he's still alive. If she can keep going for a bit longer, the clan's future will be secure…
Rolf St. James has been sent by the king to settle the Scottish lands once and for all. He's not about to let a woman get in his way, no matter how desirable he finds her. He must put aside his attraction and fulfill his duty to permanently quell the rebellion, regardless of the cost.
Rolf represents everything her father hated, everything she's been fighting against. But as the days pass and Rolf's code of honor reveals itself, Megan finds it's not so easy to hate him anymore. Can she risk her people's future for a chance at personal happiness?

My Rating: 5/5

An absolutely lovely highland romance! The Thorn & the Thistle is an excellent book...
I love books set in this time period, when Scotland is waging its final rebellion. I think the political situation of the time adds a an extra element of tension to the story. And, with this book, it worked out especially well.

Megan was a fantastic heroine. It's impossible not to like and support her, especially after all she's been through. Her father died fighting for Scotland's cause and she's determined to carry out the legacy. I liked that she wasn't stupidly stubborn about it, though. She was determined and loyal to her clan and fought whenever she could, but she was always clever about it. In some romances, the heroine is supposed to be so "strong" but all that equates to is her being stupid-just throwing out some snarky comments that serve nothing and not doing anything. Megan was actually a tough woman that fought intelligently And she was smart enough to realize that what Rolf had in mind for her clan was what was best. She was a very real character. I felt like her actions were realistic. She was just a wonderful character, one of my favorite romance heroines.

Rolf was just as delightful. He was sent by the king to bring peace to the area. And he was very clever about getting that done. I really admired his intelligence in the situation. And he could be so sweet when he wanted to be, which was frequent whenever Megan was around. As with Megan, he felt very real, his actions very realistic. Rolf was a perfect hero, one that I undoubtedly fell for.

Megan and Rolf were each other's perfect match. Both were incredibly clever and intelligent. And both had the same goal of bringing peace to the area. Though they were in conflict about it at first, that goal brought them together. And from then, their love grew. It was SO sweet. And there is definitely a bit of spicy thrown in. Not too much, but enough to make things interesting. I adored them together.

The plot was brilliantly done. It moved quickly and there was never a dull moment. This book doesn't have any outstanding twists, but it wasn't predictable either, if that makes any sense. And the ending was perfect!

I LOVED this book. Any lover of romance should definitely read it!

So what do you think? Will you give it a read?

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina Press for a copy! 
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a unique sounding historical romance: Rogue's Honor by Brenda Hiatt. Go forth and get it for free!
Rogue's Honor (The Saint of Seven Dials)To escape her stepmother's matchmaking machinations, Lady Pearl runs away, pretending to be a common housemaid, with the help of her abigail. When she is rescued from the near-disaster of recognition by a charming serving-man, Pearl pretends to be simpleminded to safeguard herself from any unwanted advances. But soon she begins to suspect that her rescuer is far more than the common servant he seemed at first.
Luke St. Clair lives a double life, pretending to be a gentleman while in reality sustaining himself and the needy as the notorious Robin Hood-type thief, the Saint of Seven Dials. The last thing he needs in his life is a beautiful simpleton in need of protection. But "Purdy" proves to be anything but simple—or common! Once he learns the truth, does he dare continue, in the ballrooms of the elite, the flirtation that began in the slums of London? The risk is enormous, but Lady Pearl's sweet kisses may just be worth it.


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