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Capture the Wind by Virginia Brown + Featured Freebie

Capture the Wind
They call him devil of the high seas. Dark, dangerous, and sinfully seductive, he conceals his true identity and the past betrayal that has made him despise all women ... even the beautiful captive he vows to entice into his bed -- but never into his heart.

She has fled London high society -- and the humiliation of an arranged marriage. But when her ship is attacked by pirates, she cannot resist the sensual buccaneer who transports her into a stormtide of intrigue and adventure ... and whose kisses awaken a passion beyond anything she has ever known.…

My Rating: 4/5

A wonderful pirate romance! I loved everything...except the heroine. I had a few issues with her.

Let me begin with all the wonderful aspects of the book before I talk about the less-than-wonderful heroine.

Kit was a fantastic hero. I adored him. The son of a duke, he was taken in by pirates when he was young by mistake and ended up living his entire childhood and most of his adolescence with the crew. When he finds out that his mother is still alive, he leaves his life in London to find her and confront her about leaving him. And he decided to pirate along the way. Since he has been betrayed by his mother, stepmother, and ex-fiance, he's not inclined to trust women, especially beautiful women. All of this added so much depth to the character. It made him feel very real.
Kit was a determined, strong hero. But he also had a soft side. The fact that he didn't kill Angela despite how awful she was makes him a saint. But he was truly sweet. A perfect hero that is easy to fall for. 

The plot of this book was excellent. It moved quickly and didn't drag at all. Of course, being a pirate book, there was a lot of thrills along the way that kept me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was absolutely perfect for the book. 

Now, about Angela. Dear god, I couldn't stand her. Literally every other aspect of the book was perfection-except her. She was so self-righteous and stuck on her high horse. Ugh, it made me so frustrated. She was just so quick to judge. And Kit yells at her about this at one point, telling her that she has no right to judge him and his crew when she hasn't been through what they've been through. And you know what she does? She feels bad for two seconds, then decides she's not going to listen to him because she's so damn stubborn and goes on being judgmental. It just made me so mad. And she didn't get over herself until the last few chapters of the book, after I already wanted to strangle her several times. 

The worst part was her bad attitude. In this book, the heroine being a strong woman equated to her having a serious attitude. I've read several books where the pirate hero holds the heroine captive and the heroine defies the pirate and so on and so forth. But this wasn't like that. She was just dumb. It's one thing to defy your captor, it's another to stupidly goad him into a fury. And that's what she did. And it wasn't just sassy comments, she was outright mean. To everyone. Let me give you a few examples. Angela had her maid with her the whole time. And she would be perfectly nice to her. Until her maid didn't want to do something that Angela wanted her to do. Then, Angela would verbally attack her maid until she agreed to do whatever Angela wanted. WTF! Are you serious? That's what we call bullying, ladies and gentleman. 

And there was one young pirate on the ship whose name escapes me. He was the only one who could tolerate Angela and was actually nice to her. And you know what she does? She uses her one pirate ally as a ticket to getting off the ship-despite the fact that he was the only one who was nice to her and had already assured her that they would drop her off where she wanted to go and had given her no reason to distrust him and he would be in serious trouble with his captain. And she used her unwilling maid to get to him. 

And, get this, everyone always took her side over Kit's. For example, despite the fact that he was a damn pirate who killed for a living, whose job it was so be cruel, everyone would turn against him for locking Angela in a room. Not even a leaky dungeon, a comfortable room that one of the crew had to give up for her highness. Really? Are you serious? 

Situations like this were rampant. It made me so frustrated. Forgive me if it seems like I'm ranting, but, wow, did she make me mad. In the last few chapters, she actually got over herself, but that wasn't enough to make up for everything that she did. 

I know, after all of that, it makes it seem like I hated the book. But I didn't. I really enjoyed every other aspect of the book. It was just her. But besides the unlikable heroine, Capture the Wind was a delightful pirate romance. To any who can overcome a trying heroine, you should definitely read this book.

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a novella that sounds very cute: The Misbehaving Marquess by Leigh LaValle. Go forth and get it for free!
The Misbehaving Marquess (Naughty in Nottinghamshire)Having awaited the return of her husband for half a decade, Catherine Raybourne, the Marchioness of Foster, has no intention of reconciling with her misbehaving marquess. But when he insists he needs an heir-immediately-she must confront her own lingering desires. Can she protect her heart while attempting to win his once again?

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