Thursday, November 1, 2012

Waltz with a Stranger by Pamela Sherwood

Waltz with a Stranger
One dance would change her life forever...

A man who never expected to inherit. A woman who never expected to wed. A choice that pits their honor against their hearts.

Crippled after a riding accident, Aurelia Newbold shuns Society—until a dashing stranger draws her into a secret waltz and changes her life forever. After a year abroad, she returns home and discovers that the one man she's been dreaming of is engaged to her beloved twin sister. 

James Trelawney is not prepared for the vibrant woman who returns to London in the place of the wounded girl he took pity on—or his growing need for her. But forbidden love is not the only danger...a chilling secret reaches out from beyond the grave, threatening both Trelawney and the woman he loves.

I liked Waltz with a Stranger. It was a good book, a nice read. It wasn't spectacular, nor was it the most memorable book I've ever read. But it was good.

There wasn't a problem with anything in the book, save for the frustration of the two characters being separated by their own foolishness. It was all good. It just wasn't amazing. 

Aurelia was a perfectly nice character. She was admirably strong to overcome her scar and limp. She was remarkably brave to face everyone with her head up after her accident. She was a thoroughly likable character. My one issue with her was the fact that she gave the man who abandoned her after her accident a second chance. That didn't really follow her characterization as a strong woman. But I liked her just fine. 

Her twin, Amelia, was prominent, though not a main character. It was tempting to dislike her because she was the obstacle between her twin and James. But she was made me grow fond of her. She was remarkably protective over her sister and always did what was best for her. She didn't know about that secret waltz, otherwise she wouldn't have done anything to threaten her twin's happiness. So, despite her role as an obstacle, she grew on me. And I was happy for her when she got a happy ending with her love. On that subject, I won't say a word :)

James was more difficult. He was fine. He was a perfect gentleman to both Amelia and Aurelia. He was sweet to Aurelia. But, I just go so frustrated with him. Why would he propose to the twin sister of the woman he couldn't get out of his head. It just made him seem like a jerk. If you are infatuated with a woman, you don't engage yourself to her twin sister. And then he was a coward about owning up to his mistake. First, he took a long time admitting his feelings to Aurelia, then even longer to decide to go for love. He was the weakest point for me. I didn't dislike him. But he wasn't exactly my favorite love interest. 

The plot felt a little stretched out. The book is lengthy, and I felt that some of the plot was extraneous. The book could have been cut down into a shorter novel that moved faster and held attention better without unnecessary plot developments. The book didn't drag, but it didn't exactly keep me on the edge of my seat.

As you can undoubtedly tell, my entire reaction to this book was underwhelming. It was the kind of book where you finish, then shrug and say, "oh, that was a nice book," then promptly forget it. It was good. But nothing more. It faded into the depths of the many books I've read without a quality that made me remember it. I don't want to make it sound like a didn't like the book. Waltz with a Stranger was a perfectly nice book. If you want a nice book to pass the time, then this is the book for you. But if you want something more memorable, than this may not fit the bill.

A solid 3/5

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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