Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Merits of YA and Giveaway Link

YA is one of my favorite genres. Honestly, I could go on about it forever. But why to I like it? YA is just a very inclusive genre. It could be anything-a dystopian, a fantasy, a romace, a thriller. And the story, the characters, the emotions, are so real that anyone can relate to them. YA chronicles the lives of characters who are young, just starting out in life, and seeing the world through fresh eyes, untouched by cynicism or corruption. Even those who have passed their teens can still appreciate the perspective that YA gives on the world. And that's what I really love about the genre. The freshness of the characters, the honestly and vitality of youth. Being of that age, I can especially relate to that, but anyone else can as well. I think a lot of adults discount the youth, as if young adults are only as wise as their age. But, YA shows that the youth can be much more than they are usually believed to be. One of my favorite YA books is Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers. In her book, the lead is thrown into the vicious politics of Medieval Europe and has to navigate her way through the minefield. She handles herself and proves herself to be wise and clever beyond her years. YA proves the value of youth and embodies all the is good about it. That's why I love it.

P.S. to any other YA lovers, the fantastic author, Beth Revis, is currently holding a killer giveaway. Check it out-just click on the picture. You could win big :) And check out her books, the Across the Universe series. They are some of my favorite YA books, truly excellent. I'm eagerly anticipating the final book.

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