Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Touch of Sin by Susan Johnson + Featured Freebie

A Touch of Sin (St. John-Duras, #4)
Beatrix Grosvenor couldn't have been caught in a more compromising position: locked in a Parisian apartment with the body of a murdered man.  She could only hope that the charismatic stranger who found her would believe her story of abduction and assassination, and free her to return to her young son in England.

But Pasha Duras was not about to let her escape so easily.  The renowned libertine didn't believe Trixi's fanciful tale, but there was no denying the temptation of her beauty.  He would accompany her home, on a sensual journey that would begin with the most tantalizing of seductions--and end with a dangerous discovery.

Trixi's enemies were real.  Her child was at their mercy... and Pasha's newly awakened heart may prove to be his undoing.

A Touch of Sin was a lovely book, a delightful read. Other than one complaint, I have nothing but good to say about this wonderful historical romance.

Trixi is incredibly strong, going through all that she did and still coming out the victor. Her absolute devotion to her son was so sweet and it made her immediately likable. I literally have nothing bad about her that I can say. She was a wonderful heroine. 

Pasha (love that name) was wonderful, except for one instance that kept me from loving him, and the book, entirely. Pasha was, for the most part, sweet and adorable. He's incredibly attractive and oozes sexual appeal right through the pages. And he was also very sweet to Trixi and to her son. It was quite adorable to watch. The relationship between Trixi and Pasha was HOT. They were sweet together, but their relationship was mostly A LOT of spice. Whoo, it had me fanning myself, it was so hot! 
I could have adored Pasha very easily. Except for one instance. This literally lasted about 5 pages and no more. But it irritated me so much that I had to knock off a point. Towards the end, Trixi gets caught in a situation that she is completely free of blame from. But Pasha reacts terribly and accuses her of enjoying that situation, blaming her for something that wasn't her fault at all. In fact, it must have been very traumatizing for her. But he yells at her. It made me really angry. He barely even apologized afterwards. That one instance bothered me so much that I could't say that I loved the book entirely. I still really liked Pasha, but I couldn't adore him after that boorish behavior. 

Other than that, I really liked A Touch of Sin. It was a lovely book, full of HOT romance, mystery, political intrigue, surprises, and everything else you could hope for in a historical romance.

Featured Freebie:
Today, I have one of my favorite historical romance. Possibly my favorite historical romance ever-Undeniable Rogue by Annette Blair. Go forth and get it for free!
Undeniable Rogue (The Rogues Club, Book One)Aware that romance and matrimony aren't always compatible, widow, Sabrina Whitcomb, nevertheless, needs a husband. While providing for her children is paramount, wedding a stranger—even a wealthy one like Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe—is no light matter. So why did the shockingly handsome rogue agree to marry her? When Gideon flashes his wicked, seductive smile, the reason hardly matters.

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