Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey + Featured Freebie

A Loving Scoundrel (Malory Family, #7)
When Jeremy Malory hires Danny, a young woman who grew up on London's streets disguised as a boy, as his upstairs maid, he secretly intends to make her his mistress. But Danny surprises him with her dreams of becoming a refined lady and a gentleman's wife. As she transforms from urchin to elegant beauty before Jeremy's eyes, she unwittingly captivates the charming scoundrel. Now high society tongues are wagging: Who is this mysterious newcomer, and what is the truth about her past? No matter that a life-long adversary will go to any lengths to ensure Danny's downfall, Jeremy, who vowed never to succumb to matrimony, finds his resolve weakening as he pursues a woman whose strong, passionate nature rivals his own and promises the kind of challenge a Malory man can't resist.

My rating: 4/5

The Loving Scoundrel was a sweet book, an absolutely adorable romance. Though it was a little slow sometimes, it is a great read.

Lower class masquerading as upper class and upper class hero falling in love with lower class heroine is something that has been done several times in historical romance. While this book doesn't deviate from the prescribed set up, it is still a wonderful, entertaining read. 

Danny was hilarious as she struggled to, first hide her gender, then fit in with the upper class. Her reactions had me laughing myself to stitches. Of course, this is one strong heroine. After surviving on the streets for fifteen years, she had to toughen up. But I really liked that she stayed true to that strength. So many times in historical romances, the heroine is strong at first, then weakens as the book goes along. But this one remained strong throughout the entire book. That definitely won my admiration :)

Jeremy was SO adorable. He was just so charming, it absolutely melted my heart! He just had a quality as a character that made you like the sweet man. I doesn't help that he was so adorable with Danny. He was such a sweetheart with her. His past isn't as unblemished as society thinks, and that difference in past-not traumatic, just different-made him very interesting. 

Danny and Jeremy were a lovely couple. Their reactions to each other were hysterical. Both are stubborn and refuse to back down-though they show it in different ways-so when they were up against each other, it was fun to watch. There isn't much spice in this book, just a pinch, but it's very well done. Tasteful, for lack of a better word. 

The plot was fine, but it tended to drag a little. It would take a while for something important to actually occur. It didn't make me bored, but it didn't allow me to remain completely riveted, either. 

But, overall, A Loving Scoundrel is a wonderful book. I would recommend it to any historical romance lover.
Featured Freebie:
I found a book that looks really interesting. Jane Rochester by Kimberly Bennett. It's a continuation of Jane Eyre. The reviews said that the author did a good job remaining true to the original story. Intriguing, yes? Go forth and get it for free!

Jane Rochester is a memoir of the first years of Jane and Edward's marriage. Jane and Edward must overcome obstacles to bliss, learn to live together, and finally trust one another. It is a classic gothic tale with passion, danger and the constant guiding voice of Jane.

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  1. I just love Johanna Lindsey. I'll have to add this one to my TBR pile!