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Fall In Love Winner+Featured Freebie

Time to announce the winner of the Fall in Love Giveaway Hop! 
The lucky winner of one of the prize books is........

Rochelle Johnson!

Congratulations Rochelle! I'll be sending you an e-mail, so check your inbox.

To everyone else, thanks for participating! Don't worry, there will be more giveaways coming up that you can win :)
Featured Freebie: 
Today, I have a contemporary romance that looks like a winner: Double Trouble by Deborah Cooke. Go forth and get it for free!
Double Trouble (The Coxwells)Two sisters. One disaster.
First things first: I’m the bad twin. While my sister, Marcia, has the perfect family in the perfect suburb, I’ve been making my living as an Internet advice columnist and designing Web sites in my downtown loft. I always thought I had the right answer - and hair color - for any occasion. That is, until Marcia ran up loads of debt and ran out on her husband and kids, and I was left helping to pick up the pieces. Her husband, James, is a lawyer who I hate on principle alone.

But for a guy who’s just lost his job, his marriage, and his expensive toys, he’s keeping it together - and making me rethink my feelings toward him. It’s not that he’s traded in his conservative suits for sexy jeans. It’s that he’s not giving up what’s important to him, and oh baby, I’m a sucker for a guy who hangs tough.

That doesn’t mean I’m ready to step into Marcia’s designer shoes now that she’s gone AWOL.

And it doesn’t mean I’m going to fall for James’s easy charm...not again, anyhow. Besides, I’ve had a lifelong policy of not being mistaken for my twin and I’m not backing down on that one now - no matter how convenient it might be for a certain sexy (and persuasive) man...

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The Deed by Lynsay Sands

The Deed (Deed, #1)
An innocent young beauty finds herself the fulcrum of a struggle for feudal power. Along with her ample dowry, Emma finds herself promised to Amaury de Aneford, a landless knight whose able sword has preserved the King's crown-and whose rugged good looks make her heart skip a beat. But on the wedding day, as a rival knight gallops toward the bridal chamber, Amaury will find that making love to his naive new bride will take consummate skill. For in the conjugal bed, Emma is astonished to learn there is more to a wedding night than just a sound sleep-and more to true love than she's ever imagined

My rating: 5/5

I LOVED this book. The Deed was one of the best historical romances I've ever read!

Emma was a hilarious heroine. This chick is tough. And has a hell of a lot of spunk. When her husband wrongs her, what does she do? She shoots an arrow at him to prove a point. That instance and many others had me cracking up at her antics and admiring her strength. She's low on self confidence but, for just this instance, it didn't bother me because there was a very good reason for it. Loved this heroine!

Amaury was just as brilliant. This hero is gruff and not too eloquent. But, he still melted my heart. He was such a sweetheart. He showed his love to Emma in his own gruff manner than had me smiling. And his antics had me laughing as much as Emma's did. He was so lovable, sweet, strong, protective of those he loves. I adored him.

The relationship between these two is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet. They were an adorable couple and they had just enough spice to keep things interesting. I really liked them together and definitely rooted for them the whole time.

The plot was fast-paced and kept me into it the whole time. There is a big of political intrigue that added a nice thriller element to a romance story. The plots had me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was utter perfection.

I LOVE this book. By far, one of my favorite medieval romances.
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a pirate historical romance for you: Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham. Go forth and get it for free!
Across A Moonlit Sea (Pirate Wolf series)A rip roaring high seas adventure set in Elizabethan England when dashing privateers known as sea hawks banded together to guard their country and their queen against the Invincible Armada being amassed by Spain. Simon Dante, the Pirate Wolf, meets his match in battle and in love when he crosses swords with Isabeau Spence. Together they join forces with Sir Francis Drake on a daring attack on Cadiz.

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The Mad, Bad Duke by Jennifer Ashley + Featured Freebie

The Mad, Bad Duke (Nvengaria, #2)
Meagan Tavistock can easily see how Alexander earned the nickname Mad, Bad Duke. His deep blue eyes promise sinful pleasure and his rich voice intimates that as soon as they are skin to skin, he'll fulfill desires she isn't even aware of. When a love spell misses its intended target, Meagan can no longer resist the temptation...until the magic wears off, leaving the pair in a most compromising position. Their only option is a marriage that thrusts Meagan into a new world of high danger, dark secrets, and a passion so intense she can t help wondering: Is it the lingering power of the spell or true love at last?

My rating: 5/5

The Mad, Bad Duke was the perfect mix of historical and paranormal romance. This book was fantastic, one of the best historical/paranormal romance books I've read!

Meagan is a resilient woman. After being compromised because of an errant love spell, being thrust into a world of political intrigue, thwarting assassins, and finding out the truth about her new husbands magical background, she still lands on her feet. She deals with all of this with aplomb. I was able to truly care about her character. As she struggled to adjust to the high society life as the wife of a high profile ambassador, I could sympathize with her stress. And as she dealt with everything else in general, the same occurred. She's just a very likable heroine. 

Alexander was an incredibly attractive hero, both in looks and in personality. He wears a mask that Meagan calls his "Grand Duke" persona, ever since the death of his father. That made him tend to be coldly logical and distant. But, as soon as Meagan comes into the picture, that mask is ripped away. Then, we get to see him as he truly is: a very sweet, determined, powerful, kind man. If you haven't realized it yet, he had me falling head over heels for him. He was just wonderful.

The relationship between Meagan and Alexander was HOT. At first, it was the love spell, but that spice never went away. These two were constantly panting after each other. Those scenes were tastefully done, the way I prefer the more...intimate scenes to be. But, besides that, they were a sweet couple. Alexander brought out the strength in Meagan and Meagan brought out the kindness in Alexander. They were adorable together.

The paranormal aspect of this book isn't the main point but it plays a big role. It was very well done, seamlessly woven into the historical time period It added a nice extra element to the already delightful story.

The plot took off immediately and never dragged. It kept me interested the entire time. The ending was nice and happy, a perfect romance ending.

The Mad, Bad Duke was a wonderful romance. To any lovers of the genre, you should check this out.
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have a western romance that I really enjoyed that just went up for free. Go forth and get it for free!
With her violet eyes and sultry smile, Fancy Holleday knew there wash t a man alive she couldn't charm, seduce, or just plain outsmart. And that included federal marshal Cord Rawlins. The rugged lawman might have tracked her down, but it was a long way to the jail, time enough for Fancy to lure the handsome Texan into sin. Cord Rawlins was sworn to uphold the law. Yet when this brazen lady train robber got the best of him, hunting her down became a matter of honor. Now, all he wants is to reach Carson City and turn his shameless prisoner in -- until he discovers that beneath Fancy's wicked ways lie a secret sorrow and a desperate longing that could steal his heart....

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A Loving Scoundrel by Johanna Lindsey + Featured Freebie

A Loving Scoundrel (Malory Family, #7)
When Jeremy Malory hires Danny, a young woman who grew up on London's streets disguised as a boy, as his upstairs maid, he secretly intends to make her his mistress. But Danny surprises him with her dreams of becoming a refined lady and a gentleman's wife. As she transforms from urchin to elegant beauty before Jeremy's eyes, she unwittingly captivates the charming scoundrel. Now high society tongues are wagging: Who is this mysterious newcomer, and what is the truth about her past? No matter that a life-long adversary will go to any lengths to ensure Danny's downfall, Jeremy, who vowed never to succumb to matrimony, finds his resolve weakening as he pursues a woman whose strong, passionate nature rivals his own and promises the kind of challenge a Malory man can't resist.

My rating: 4/5

The Loving Scoundrel was a sweet book, an absolutely adorable romance. Though it was a little slow sometimes, it is a great read.

Lower class masquerading as upper class and upper class hero falling in love with lower class heroine is something that has been done several times in historical romance. While this book doesn't deviate from the prescribed set up, it is still a wonderful, entertaining read. 

Danny was hilarious as she struggled to, first hide her gender, then fit in with the upper class. Her reactions had me laughing myself to stitches. Of course, this is one strong heroine. After surviving on the streets for fifteen years, she had to toughen up. But I really liked that she stayed true to that strength. So many times in historical romances, the heroine is strong at first, then weakens as the book goes along. But this one remained strong throughout the entire book. That definitely won my admiration :)

Jeremy was SO adorable. He was just so charming, it absolutely melted my heart! He just had a quality as a character that made you like the sweet man. I doesn't help that he was so adorable with Danny. He was such a sweetheart with her. His past isn't as unblemished as society thinks, and that difference in past-not traumatic, just different-made him very interesting. 

Danny and Jeremy were a lovely couple. Their reactions to each other were hysterical. Both are stubborn and refuse to back down-though they show it in different ways-so when they were up against each other, it was fun to watch. There isn't much spice in this book, just a pinch, but it's very well done. Tasteful, for lack of a better word. 

The plot was fine, but it tended to drag a little. It would take a while for something important to actually occur. It didn't make me bored, but it didn't allow me to remain completely riveted, either. 

But, overall, A Loving Scoundrel is a wonderful book. I would recommend it to any historical romance lover.
Featured Freebie:
I found a book that looks really interesting. Jane Rochester by Kimberly Bennett. It's a continuation of Jane Eyre. The reviews said that the author did a good job remaining true to the original story. Intriguing, yes? Go forth and get it for free!

Jane Rochester is a memoir of the first years of Jane and Edward's marriage. Jane and Edward must overcome obstacles to bliss, learn to live together, and finally trust one another. It is a classic gothic tale with passion, danger and the constant guiding voice of Jane.

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Darkness Falls Tour

I've reviewed all three of the Darkness Falls books on Imagine a World and made no secret of how much I adored them. The final book, Wilde's Meadow, has recently been released and, wow, was it an emotional roller coaster. That book had me happy, sad, angry, and, by the end, I was both emotionally exhausted and absolutely thrilled about the outcome.

I had a chance to get an interview with Krystal Wade, author of the fantastic Darkness Falls series. Here's how it went:

1) The geography of Encardia is very beautiful, though desolate because of the circumstances. Did you base the land on any place in particular?
Well, truthfully I set up Encardia similarly to Virginia; though with the Darkness ravaging the land, realizing that landscape is difficult. I love Virginia, the lush, green forests, the rolling hills, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the weather. I let my love of the state flow into my writing, both while Kate traversed "this world" and Encardia.

2) Where did you get the idea for the mythology? 
I studied Norse mythology . . . for weeks. Seriously, I sat at the computer and looked up different gods and goddesses of multiple mythologies, and finally I liked Freyr and Freya most. Griandor and Gramhara were built off the two of them, but I used mythology only to set up the "universe". The powers, problems, etc, are all things I give credit to my imagination for.

3) Do you think that the characters reflect parts of you? If so, how?
Darkness (not Dughbal, but the literal Darkness) represents my teenage years. The overbearing fear and solitude I felt, the never knowing my future but trusting things would turn out okay, the constant attacks by things hidden within the ever-present blackness . . . sounds terrible, huh? Well, my teenage years weren't awesome.

I believe Kate represents who I wanted to be, and Brit and Flanna represent who I could be--I'm quite sarcastic and blunt--when free of Darkness.

4) Which of the characters if your favorite?
Flanna and Perth. Everyone loves Flanna in the first book, but she's "human". She experiences a great loss, and to not show the grief a person goes through after losing a loved one would be unrealistic. She wants so badly to be witty and sarcastic, but she hurts so much that everything comes out all wrong. I love that about her, and I loved writing it.

Perth was a blast to write. I wanted to hate him. I wanted to pin every problem on him, but he wore on me. I think I fell in love with him along the way.

5) Which character would you be willing trade lives with?
Err . . . Muriel. I can't say more than that.

6) Now that the Wilde's series is concluded, do you have any plans for future books?
I'm writing Shattered Secrets (working name), and it's main character is based on the personality traits of my middle child. Tagline: Abigail Nichols must decide if she trusts the boy she loves, a book that knows more about her than she does, or her instincts, because if she doesn’t, her world just might shatter.

Thanks so much Krystal. BTW, your new book sounds great :)

To everyone, thank you for coming!

Happy endings are hard to find, and even though Katriona is in the middle of a war with someone who’s already stolen more than she can replace, she aches for a positive future with her Dra√≠ochtans.

Armed with hope, confidence in her abilities, and a strange new gift from her mother, Kate ventures into the Darkness to defeat a fallen god.

Losses add up, and new obstacles rise to stand in the way. Is the one determined to bring Encardia light strong enough to keep fighting, or will all the sacrifices to stop those who seek domination be for nothing?

About the Author: Krystal Wade can be found in the sluglines outside Washington D.C. every morning, Monday through Friday. With coffee in hand, iPod plugged in, and strangers--who sometimes snore, smell, or have incredibly bad gas--sitting next to her, she zones out and thinks of fantastical worlds for you and me to read. How else can she cope with a fifty mile commute?

Good thing she has her husband and three kids to go home to. They keep her sane.

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My Heart Be Damned (Damned #1) by Chanelle Gray + Featured Freebie

My Heart Be Damned (Damned, #1)
Amerie Carter has the blood of a Hunter, unfortunately. She is one of a rare line of women who, upon her sixteenth birthday, will come into extraordinary powers used to hunt the Damned; escaped souls from Hell who take up residence in human bodies. It's supposed to be her sweet sixteen, but Amerie has never dreaded a day more, and her worst fears are confirmed as the celebration turns tragic when her mother is killed.

Grief-stricken, Amerie vows to never hunt a day in her life. She's determined to hide behind normalcy, attending school, hanging out with her friends and working an after-school job at The Hut. All Amerie wants is to be left alone. But try telling the Damned that. The harder Amerie tries to ignore her powers, the more the Damned come looking for her.

When an attack leaves one of Amerie's friends in the hospital, and endangers the lives of her fellow students, she knows she has no choice: Hunt or Be Hunted. Thankfully, the gorgeous, secretive, and so-off-limits Marshall offers to train Amerie to take out her supernatural enemies. But training with Marshall means lying to her friends, her family, and confronting the mysterious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death.

Amerie soon discovers she’s not the only one with something to hide, Marshall's secrets might kill her before the Damned get the chance

My rating: 5/5

Wow! That definitely exceeded my expectations. I loved it! 
When I read the summary for My Heart Be Damned, I was intrigued but worried. The plot was the kind that could easily be done wrong. But, Ms. Gray totally pulled it off!

Amerie is one hell of a heroine. She's been mourning her mother's death and has decided that being a Hunter killed her mother. And, of course, she is determined not to be drawn into being a Hunter. I thought that her stubbornness would bother me, but it was done in such a way that not only was I okay with it, but I understood it. With everything about all the characters, they were so well drawn out that I felt that I was reading about real people whose decisions and emotions were realistic. But, back to Amerie. That girl was tough. When it came down to it, she could fight everything the Damned threw at her and still land on her feet. She was an admirable heroine that anyone could like.

Marshall was SO amazing, I just fell head over heels for him. He was so sweet and strong and just the perfect hero. Despite the circumstances of their meeting and relationship, Marshall still obviously cares for Amerie and it was so endearing. There is a bit of "no, we must not be together" going on, but I didn't mind because it wasn't over-dramatized (yes, I'm looking at you Edward). Marshall and Amerie's relationship grew realistically. It started as a mutual attraction, then grew and simmered into real love. It was so well done that I could feel the emotions of the characters grow as they did. Once again, brilliantly done characterization. 

The plot doesn't drag about. It starts on the first page and doesn't slow down for a minute. The ending was satisfying but it left a lead in into book 2. No cliffhangers, though. Most of the loose ends were tied, which was really nice. I love a good cliffhanger, but it was nice to read a first book in a series that didn't attempt to shock as much as possible. Just a nice change from the usual.

My Heart Be Damned is an amazing YA. Anyone who loves action, twists, secrets, paranormal madness, or romance, this book is for you.

Featured Freebie:
Today, I have Almost Perfect by Denise Domning. This book is an excellent read written by one of my favorite authors. Go forth and get it for free!
Almost PerfectOne broken urn, one fallen earl and a kiss for a wager.
Add Scotland, an ace up a noble sleeve and a runaway card sharp,
then let the chase begin. 

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Libertine's Kiss by Judith James + Featured Freebies

Libertine's Kiss
Abandoned by his cavalier father at a young age, William de Veres grew up knowing precious little happiness. But William has put the past firmly behind him and as a military hero and noted rake, he rises fast in the ranks of the hedonistic Restoration court. Though not before he is forced to seek shelter from a charming young Puritan woman...

The civil wars have cost the once-high-spirited Elizabeth Walters her best friend and her father, leaving her unprotected and alone. She flees an unwanted marriage, seeking safe haven, but what she finds is something she never expected. When her kindness and her beauty bring her to the attention of William, and then the king, she will have a choice to make. After all, can a notorious libertine really be capable of love?

My rating: 5/5

Libertine's Kiss was not what I expected it to be. But in a good way. It was a pleasant surprise.

The story idea itself is interesting to me. I find a lot of Regency and Medieval romances, but the Restoration period is less covered within the genre. So, this book already had a unique point to get me interested. Then, though it doesn't mention it in the summary, we have a "best-friends to lovers" story, which I absolutely adore in any romance setting. Put those together and you have a recipe for my perfect book.

Elizabeth was an admirable heroine. Despite the fact that she lost everything, literally everything, she still stayed strong and fought to regain what she lost. That itself quickly won my respect for the character. When she goes to court to petition for her land, she is regarded with contempt at first, but doesn't let that get her down. Instead, she transforms herself into the darling of the court. I can honestly say nothing bad about Elizabeth. She was just a wonderful lead.

William wasn't as easy to pinpoint. Not that I didn't like him. I adored the charmer. But he had a serious chip in his shoulder. A few times, that got very close to bothering me, but, in the end, I couldn't fault him. He has a serious horror in his past that has driven him since its happening. I suspected it quite early on, so that kept me from being bothered when he lashed out. And, how could I possibly be irritated when he's such a charmer? Not only was he charming, but he was also incredibly sweet when he wanted to be and supportive of Elizabeth's goal. 

He and Elizabeth were an adorable couple. We get a few scenes from their childhood and from the very beginning, they were the sweetest pair. William makes a comment at some point in the book that Elizabeth was the one light in his childhood, the only reason that he could have had to stay instead of going to war. Doesn't that just touch your heart? And, as adults, that sweetness gets tempered with some HOT spiciness. Their first time together occurs within the first couple of chapters and that heat only fires up more throughout the rest of the book. So, if you like some spiciness in your romance, this book has it for you ;)

The plot of the book was fast paced and kept me interested the whole time. The ending was SO sweet, it just had me smiling. I was so happy for the couple's happy ending after all the trials they went through. 

Libertine's Kiss is an excellent book. Any romance lover, you should definitely read this.
Featured Freebies:
I have two free books for you, today.
1)Love and Adventure boxed set by Jennifer Blake. This includes 3 books from the Love and Adventure series. Go forth and get it for free!
Love and Adventure Collection - Part 2 (Love and Adventure Boxed Sets)Blockade runners, soldiers and gamblers: Men of adventure who live hard and love harder, yet still crave the one thing these determined heroines have left to give. Three complete bestselling novels by one of the genre's true greats.

Despair sends Lorna into the arms of a daring blockade runner in a deserted house, while Ramon's caresses are driven by retribution. Forced together during a harrowing flight from war-torn Louisiana, they discover the heart's-ease of passion--but can they escape the danger that awaits them on the high seas?

Eleanora is a respectable lady, widow of a Spanish grandee, former angel of mercy to the wounded in war-ravaged Central America--and keeper of a precious secret. She was also once the mistress of Colonel Grant Farrell. And the hardened soldier is coming for her....

Serena never planned to wind up a gambler's woman and the toast of a gold rush town. Ward is beguiled by her innocence, but too scarred by the past to offer more than protection. Will their fragile bond survive as murder and madness close in around them?

2) Rippler by Cidney Swanson. This is a YA book, for lovers of that genre. Go forth and get it for free!
Rippler (The Ripple Trilogy)Invisible. In Love. In Peril.
When Samantha Ruiz turns invisible in front of team mates on a rafting trip, she knows something's wrong with her. According to her knowledgeable friend Will, she's got a rare genetic disorder. Fearing a lifetime sentence as a lab-rat, Sam wants to keep her ability secret. But she also wants to know if there's a connection between dark Nazi experiments
on others like her and her own mother's death eight years earlier. At the same time that Sam is sleuthing, she's falling hard for Will. And soon, she'll have to choose between keeping her secrets hidden and keeping Will safe.

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Featured Freebie

Today, I have one of my favorite highland romances that I just found for free. This book is wonderful, a great historical romance. Go forth and get it for free!
A Beautiful Lie (The Camaraes)For as long as anyone can remember, the Camerons and the MacRaes have been involved in a bitter feud. That feud seems likely to continue when, while delivering an ill-timed olive branch, Lachlan MacRae encounters Muira Cameron on the road. He doesn't know it, but Muira is running away from her own secrets- secrets which drive her to seek protection from an enemy!

Falsely accused of offending Muira's honor, Lachlan is given no choice but to marry the girl. He vows that he will never forgive his wife for her treachery, but that is a promise that his body and his heart may be unable to keep!

Can Muira and Lachlan learn to trust and love in spite of their beginning, or will Muira's past destroy them both?

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Fall in Love Giveaway Hop

fall in love giveaway hop
The Fall In Love Giveaway hop was organized by Reading Romances!
Each book I have up for grabs, is written by a favorite author, in YA and in adult. After reading one of the authors' books, I became an immediate fan. Now, since I know you just want to get to the free stuff, here's the info:
What you can win here: You can win one of four books: 
Lord of Vengeance
Lord of Vengeance
The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton
The Amorous Education of Celia Seaton
The Devil Duke Takes a Bride
The Devil Duke Takes a Bride (The House of Renwick)
Or, if you want a YA romance-Destined
Number of winners: 1
Open to (INT, US or US/CAN): INT
How to enter: Fill out the Rafflecopter 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hop and find more prizes!

A Touch of Sin by Susan Johnson + Featured Freebie

A Touch of Sin (St. John-Duras, #4)
Beatrix Grosvenor couldn't have been caught in a more compromising position: locked in a Parisian apartment with the body of a murdered man.  She could only hope that the charismatic stranger who found her would believe her story of abduction and assassination, and free her to return to her young son in England.

But Pasha Duras was not about to let her escape so easily.  The renowned libertine didn't believe Trixi's fanciful tale, but there was no denying the temptation of her beauty.  He would accompany her home, on a sensual journey that would begin with the most tantalizing of seductions--and end with a dangerous discovery.

Trixi's enemies were real.  Her child was at their mercy... and Pasha's newly awakened heart may prove to be his undoing.

A Touch of Sin was a lovely book, a delightful read. Other than one complaint, I have nothing but good to say about this wonderful historical romance.

Trixi is incredibly strong, going through all that she did and still coming out the victor. Her absolute devotion to her son was so sweet and it made her immediately likable. I literally have nothing bad about her that I can say. She was a wonderful heroine. 

Pasha (love that name) was wonderful, except for one instance that kept me from loving him, and the book, entirely. Pasha was, for the most part, sweet and adorable. He's incredibly attractive and oozes sexual appeal right through the pages. And he was also very sweet to Trixi and to her son. It was quite adorable to watch. The relationship between Trixi and Pasha was HOT. They were sweet together, but their relationship was mostly A LOT of spice. Whoo, it had me fanning myself, it was so hot! 
I could have adored Pasha very easily. Except for one instance. This literally lasted about 5 pages and no more. But it irritated me so much that I had to knock off a point. Towards the end, Trixi gets caught in a situation that she is completely free of blame from. But Pasha reacts terribly and accuses her of enjoying that situation, blaming her for something that wasn't her fault at all. In fact, it must have been very traumatizing for her. But he yells at her. It made me really angry. He barely even apologized afterwards. That one instance bothered me so much that I could't say that I loved the book entirely. I still really liked Pasha, but I couldn't adore him after that boorish behavior. 

Other than that, I really liked A Touch of Sin. It was a lovely book, full of HOT romance, mystery, political intrigue, surprises, and everything else you could hope for in a historical romance.

Featured Freebie:
Today, I have one of my favorite historical romance. Possibly my favorite historical romance ever-Undeniable Rogue by Annette Blair. Go forth and get it for free!
Undeniable Rogue (The Rogues Club, Book One)Aware that romance and matrimony aren't always compatible, widow, Sabrina Whitcomb, nevertheless, needs a husband. While providing for her children is paramount, wedding a stranger—even a wealthy one like Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe—is no light matter. So why did the shockingly handsome rogue agree to marry her? When Gideon flashes his wicked, seductive smile, the reason hardly matters.

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Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey + Two Featured Freebies

Shattered Souls (Souls #1)
Lenzi hears voices and has visions - gravestones, floods, a boy with steel gray eyes. Her boyfriend, Zak, can't help, and everything keeps getting louder and more intense. Then Lenzi meets Alden, the boy from her dreams, who reveals that she's a reincarnated Speaker - someone who can talk to and help lost souls - and that he has been her Protector for centuries.

Now Lenzi must choose between her life with Zak and the life she is destined to lead with Alden. But time is running out: a malevolent spirit is out to destroy Lenzi, and he will kill her if she doesn't make a decision soon.

Shattered Souls is one of the best YA paranormal romances I've ever read. It was truly excellent, amazing, fantastic, and any other synonym of those words.

Lenzi was a wonderful heroine. Despite the challenges she faces-the voices that no one else hears, the shock of her past, her memory loss-she handles the situation realistically and as best she can. Though she tries to avoid her newly rediscovered role as a Speaker in the beginning, it didn't bother me, because that seemed like a very realistic thing to do. And, later, when she accepts her role, it only made me admire her more. She was a lovely heroine, one of my favorite  YA heroines yet.

Alden was so freaking swoon-worthy, I don't even know how to describe my utter adoration for him. He was so sweet! Ugh, I just wanted to give him a hug throughout the whole book. To say I adored him would be a gross understatement. He's so adorably patient of Lenzi's memory loss, even when it must have been very frustrating to him. And he's been in love with Lenzi, or Rose as she was previously known, but never did anything about it to respect Rose's wishes. The poor man lived with unrequited love for centuries and yet his love still existed-purely and sweetly. He was so sweet to Lenzi, so protective of her-and not just because it's his job. Alden and Lenzi were such an adorable couple. Their love was infinite, a love that was centuries in the making. Their love felt so pure and true, it just made me smile to read about. I adored them together! (Though I must say that I'm insanely jealous of Lenzi. Lucky girl ;))

Zak was a little difficult for me to pin down. My first instinct was to dislike him because he stood in the way of the main couple. But he was really likable. Despite his jealousy and tendency toward drunkenness, he grew on me. By the end, I truly adored him and was very sad that he got the short end of the stick :( But I'm still happy that Alden and Lenzi were able to be together :)

Shattered Souls is a brilliant YA. To any lovers of the genre, this is for you.

Featured Freebies:
I have two books for you today, since I didn't get to post one yesterday.
1) Intentions of the Earl by Rose Gordon. Sweet book and an enjoyable read. Go forth and get it for free!
Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters, Book 1)Will he secure his future by ruining hers, or will she ruin his plans by securing him? A new twist on the old fortune hunter plot puts an impoverished earl in a position to gain his fortune only by ruining an innocent's reputation without offering marriage. The innocent he's selected, however, has no plans to settle for anything less than marriage and will go to almost any length to secure him. 

With no other means for an income, the impoverished Andrew Black, Earl of Townson, makes an agreement that will put a definite end to his eight year poverty streak. But, in order to gain his fortune he must do only one simple thing: ruin an innocent young lady’s reputation enough to make her flee to America.

Brooke Banks isn’t interested in marriage, or so she thinks. She came to London to have a good time, and that’s exactly what she’s doing. Widely known for her tendency to flout the rules, she suspects nothing when a handsome stranger appears on her doorstep.

Thirteen days, a handful of kisses and one scandalous situation later, Andrew and Brooke will have to choose to stick to their original plans, or decide if a life together is worth the risk. 

2) Married by Mistake by Abby Gaines. This is a contemporary romance that sounds very sweet and delightful. Go forth and get it for free!
Married By MistakeDo not adjust your set. That really was Casey Greene being jilted by her fiancé on live TV! And that really was Memphis's most eligible bachelor who stepped in to marry her instead.
Millionaire businessman Adam Carmichael wanted only to help Casey save face. He isn't prepared for the news that their "fake" wedding is legal and binding.
While they secretly wait for an annulment, media and family scrutiny forces them to put on their best loving-couple act. Except by now, neither one is quite sure who's acting....

Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Featured Freebie

Since I was too busy to post the featured freebies last weekend, I'm posting two that I've found:
1) Lady Deception by Rizzo Rosko. This book has it all: romance, betrayal, secrets. Go forth and get it for free!
Lady DeceptionShe would do anything for the money.

Though Elizabeth Holton is the daughter of a wealthy knight, she was raised in poverty after her mother ran away before she was born. ‘For your protection,’ she would say, but Eliza’s mother had to sell her body to cruel men to provide for her daughter.
After her death, Eliza made up her mind to become the lady she believes herself to be. She arranged for the local lord’s son to have an accident while out riding. But the men she hired were too severe. Instead of merely robbing Blaise Gray, they beat him and left him for dead.

Except fall in love.

For saving his life, Eliza is brought to live in Blaise’s castle where she fights her attraction to him, terrified of the pain she will feel should he discover it was her who nearly ended his life.
Though Blaise cannot deny his heated lust for the beautiful peasant girl who saved his life, he also cannot halt his suspicion that she may have had something to do with his attack. It wouldn’t have been the first time someone from the lower class attempted to use him, yet he finds himself falling in love with her anyway. But the confirmation that she had nearly killed him to become a lady could be his undoing.
2) For those who like a contemporary romance, I have Waking Up Married. It's up for free preorder and it sounds like a fun, flirty contemporary romance. Go forth and get it for free!
Waking Up MarriedHer first thought: "Who are you?"
It's the morning after her cousin's bachelorette party in Vegas and Megan Scott wakes up with the mother of all hangovers. Even worse, she's in a stranger's penthouse having woken up with something else as well—a funny, arrogant, sexy…husband!
Up until now, finding even a boyfriend had seemed impossible—been there, got the broken heart, sworn off men for good. Then a few martinis with Carter…no, Connor Reed and she's gone from first meet to marriage in one night!
Megan wants a lawyer. But Connor's shocking bombshell?
"I don't want a divorce."

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Reluctant Countess by Wendy Vella + Featured Freebie

The Reluctant Countess: A Loveswept Historical Romance
Regal, poised, and elegant, Sophie, Countess of Monmouth, is everything that a highborn lady should be. But Sophie is hiding a past that is far from royal. When Patrick, Earl of Coulter, realizes that her story doesn’t add up, he resolves to find out the truth of what Sophie and her sister-in-law are concealing. Although Sophie has every reason to avoid him, the handsome and charismatic Patrick awakens something wicked deep within her soul . . . a powerful need that Sophie must stifle in order to protect her place in society.

Despite Sophie’s humble background, the raven-haired beauty has won Patrick’s heart. But what Sophie needs now is an ally. Viscount Myles Dumbly, the disgruntled former heir of Monmouth, is determined to expose Sophie as a fraud to recapture his lost inheritance. Soon Patrick is drawn into a fight for both their lives. Somehow he must find a way not only to rescue Sophie from poverty once and for all, but to keep her in his arms forever.

Brilliant! I adored this book! It was so adorable, one of my favorite historical romances!

I just love the idea of a Cinderella story and this one was so well done. It didn't have that cheesy quality that some Cinderella stories have. It was tastefully and wonderfully done, quite a masterpiece.

Sophie was one hell of a heroine. Her background is a little strange. I don't want to reveal such a big spoiler, but I will say that it was interesting and unique in the world of historical romance. Though she constantly fears someone discovering her less than noble background, she is strong in facing society. And she was strong in dealing with the situation that arises when someone in her past comes back to haunt her. She was a wonderful heroine.

Patrick was so adorable, I just adored him. Though he is suspicious of her motives at first, he quickly realizes his feelings for Sophia. And, from then on, he was such a sweetheart. He was protective, strong, sweet, just the perfect hero. Not to mention delightfully good-looking. He and Sophia were so sweet together, with a huge appetite for each other. I loved them as a couple. And I especially loved Patrick ;)

Speaking of delightful heroes, I also adored Patrick's friend, Stephen, Lord Sumner. He was so adorable and his comments had me cracking up. He gets a little romance with Amelia Pette, Sophia's friend and they were so cute together as well.

The plot of this book was one of the best I've seen in historical romance. It interested be from the first page and kept my attention. The ending was so sweet, just perfect.

I loved The Reluctant Countess. Anyone who likes historical romance should definitely read this book!


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
Today, I have the VERY spicy book A Faerie Fated Forever by Mary Anne Graham. Go forth and get it for free!

A faerie curse promises that one perfect love awaits Laird Nial Maclee.

To claim its passionate promise, he must find his fated lady while avoiding the traps, snares and schemes of females lured by his position, looks, charm and the blasted legend. A single misstep will condemn him to his father's fate - a lifetime of craving the love he can never have nor ever forget. Despite his vow never to face that fate, Nial knows that a laird must put the needs of his clan first, even if it means wedding the wealthy heiress and daughter of the only rival clan on the Isle of Skye, "Heather the Hag."

To save the Clan Maclee and secure its future, he should marry the dowdy lass even though she won't "set the claws of passion" to his manhood, as the curse provides, so she can't possibly be his faerie fated forever.

Before his solution to the dilemma sent Heather fleeing to transform herself for launch on the marriage mart in London, Nial should have recalled that faeries sometimes make the impossible the inevitable.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Compromising the Marquess by Wendy Soliman + Featured Freebie

Compromising the Marquess
England, 1814

Leah Elliot sells secrets to survive. Donning boy's clothes, she uncovers society scandals for a London gossip rag to support herself and her sister, who were left destitute after their father's death. When she meets the dashing—and perhaps dangerous—Hal Forster, the Marquess of Denby, she learns he may be involved in treason. The rumor is too valuable not to sell, despite her attraction to him…

Hal does have a secret, but he's no traitor: he's a spy embroiled in a mystery, seeking the man who killed his contact in France. He sees the alluring woman behind Leah's disguise at once but is intrigued enough to play along…until he realizes that she's the source of the rumors interfering with his investigation and forcing him into an unwanted betrothal.

Now, Hal and Leah must work together to draw out the culprit and undo the damage caused by Leah's gossip. Or will their passion only cause more scandal?

Compromising the Marquess was such an adorable romance, sweet with just a hint of spice.

This book started out a little slow. It took be a couple of chapters to figure everything out and really get into it. But, once things sped up a few chapters in, I was hooked.

Leah is not a heroine to be trifled with. She is tough and not afraid to go toe to toe with anyone when she needs to. It was awesome. Her career as a secret seller is short lived throughout the duration of this book. I thought it would irritate me that the heroine sold secrets, but it was explained well and I ended up perfectly fine with it. She was a fun lead, one that a lot of people will like.

Hal was the perfect match for Leah. Not bothered by her tendency for the outrageous and able to match her strength of will. He's also a total beast. He's a spy and, of course, learned some incredibly skills as a result. At the end, we get to see the extent of his spy skills. It is totally awesome. He was also so sweet. There are two central conflicts in this book, one revolving around each character, which I won't reveal because that would spoil the fun of finding out for yourself. But Hal doesn't hesitate with helping Leah with her conflict, even when it puts him in great danger. It was so chivalrous. Their relationship was scandalous from the beginning and their spicy moments verify that entirely. There isn't much of that in this book, just a couple of moments, but those moments are very well done. 

The plot, after that shaky beginning, was wonderful. There weren't very many surprises besides one that had me shocked. The ending was so adorable, just lovely.

Compromising the Marquess is a wonderful romance that I would recommend to any lover of the genre.


Thanks to Netgalley and Carina Press for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
I have for you The Bride and The Brute by Laurel O'Donnell. Such an adorable novella-go forth and get it for free!
The Bride and the BruteJayce Cullen has been fighting her fear of thunder and lightning ever since she was a child, but nothing could have prepared her for the fury of her new husband. Feeling deceived and betrayed into a loveless marriage, Lord Reese Harrington wants nothing to do with his new wife. Trapped in a marriage with no escape, the beautiful young bride must battle the demons of her husband's past and hope that she can weather the storm his brutish behavior unleashes.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Featured Freebie

Today, I have for you a cute novella: Scandal of Love by Janelle Daniels.
Scandal of Love (Scandals & Secrets - Book 1)Lady Sera Winters was determined to marry for love--or not at all. Close to receiving a proposal from the Duke of Wathersby, Sera’s reputation is ruined after a rumor spreads through the ton that she had been compromised by Lord Devericks--and in a library no less! 

Lord Quinton Devericks, the Earl of Surrant, never thought inheriting his father’s title would leave him destitute, but the gambling debts his father had accumulated did just that. Desperate, he decides to take advantage of the gossip surrounding him and Lady Sera, a woman he has never met. Hoping that her ample dowry would be enough to repair his neglected estates, Quinton risks everything on yet another gamble: a proposal of marriage.

With their lives in shambles, they agree to the only recourse left to them: to convince the ton that their scandalous interlude was a marriage proposal, and that their engagement is based off of love. When a vicious plot against Sera is revealed, she doesn’t know who she can trust. Is Sera’s love for Quinton true, or is she only caught up in a scandal of love?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Highlander for Christmas by Paula Quinn + Featured Feebie

A Highlander for Christmas
As the bard of the MacGregor clan, Finlay Grant is a natural-born charmer. He can easily win the heart of any lass . . . but somehow, the right words to express his love for stunning Leslie Harrison have eluded him. Yet as Christmastide approaches, Finn knows he must find a way to propose to the raven-haired beauty who has stolen his heart.


A furious Leslie Harrison could run her brothers through for promising her to another. But she will do anything to save her family from dishonor . . . even though in her heart she knows no other man but Finn will do. When Leslie's betrothed makes a dastardly deal, putting her family and the MacGregor clan in danger, Finn will prove that he's just as fierce in battle as he is sweet in song. Can these two lovers find a Christmas miracle that will grant them a happily-ever-after?

This was an adorable little romantic novella. A nice, sweet, quick read.

Leslie was a determined heroine. My one problem with this novella was that, at one point, her determination noticeably falters. It just didn't fit with the rest of her actions and irritated me a little. But, besides that, I really like Leslie. She was a lovely heroine.

Finn was so sweet. Ohmygoodness, I just wanted to give him a hug, he was just so cute. He was so open about his love for Leslie and so true to it. Once he found out that Leslie loved him back, he wasn't about to let anything separate them. He was determined that they end up together. And they were just an adorable couple, so sweet together and VERY passionate in the more...intimate side of their relationship ;) I adored Finn and I adored him with Leslie.

Of course, since this is a novella, the plot moves swiftly. Ms. Quinn still manages to do a nice job establishing characterization as well as a full story. The ending was perfect and sweet. A nice historical romance ending.

To anyone who likes a good Highland romance, this is for you.


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!
Now for our Featured Freebie:
Today, I found The Beauty Bride by Claire Delacroix. Go forth and get it for free!
The Beauty Bride (The Jewels of Kinfairlie)More cherished than gold are the Jewels of Kinfairlie, and only the worthiest may fight for their love...The Laird of Kinfairlie has unmarried sisters, each a gem in her own right. And he has no choice but to see them all wed in haste.

Lady Madeline’s heart is not for sale...especially not to a notorious outlaw like Rhys FitzHenry. Yet Madeline’s hand has been sold, to none other than this battle-weary warrior with a price on his head. A more dutiful maiden might cede to the Laird’s command and meekly accept her fate, but Madeline has never been obedient. She decides to run away, though she never dreams that Rhys will pursue her. She does not expect this taciturn man to woo her with fanciful stories, much less that each of his enthralling tales will reveal a scar upon his shielded soul. She never imagines that a man like Rhys could imperil her own heart while revealing so little of his own feelings. When Rhys’s past threatens his future, Madeline takes a leap of faith. She dares to believe him innocent
— and risks her own life to pursue a passion more priceless than the rarest gem.

Monday, November 12, 2012

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (Hellions of Halstead Hall #3) by Sabrina Jeffries + Featured Freebie

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady (Hellions of Halstead Hall, #3)
When a charming rogue proposes she marry him to meet her grandmother's ultimatum, the Sharpe clan's strong-willed sister makes a tempting counter-offer that preserves her inheritance and ignites his imagination. 

Lady Minerva Sharpe has the perfect plan to thwart her grandmother's demands: become engaged to a rogue! Surely Gran would rather release her inheritance than see her wed a scoundrel. And who better to play the part of Minerva's would-be husband than wild barrister Giles Masters, the very inspiration for the handsome spy in the popular Gothic novels she writes? The memory of his passionate kiss on her nineteenth birthday has lingered in Minerva's imagination, though she has no intention of really falling for such a rakehell, much less marrying him. Little does she know, he really is a covert government operative. When they team up to investigate the mystery behind her parents' deaths, their fake betrothal leads to red-hot desire. Then Minerva discovers Giles's secret double life, and he must use all the cunning tricks of his trade to find his way back into her heart.

I just loved this book! Everything about it was wonderful, so good that I've added Ms. Jeffries onto my favorite author list.

I love having strong, independent females in historical romances. And Minerva was at the top of that. She was strong and clever and determined to get what she wanted. Her antics to try to get her way were hilarious. She was just awesome, one of my favorite romance heroines. 

Of course, with such a strong lady, we need an equally strong gentleman to be her match. And Giles was definitely that. From his surface, he seems remarkable, though unassuming. Just a successful barrister. But, when you get to see below that surface, Giles becomes an irresistible romance hero. A spy who worked undercover for years and has passion just brewing in him. He was delightful. And he and Minerva were a perfect couple. They were each other's perfect matches. Their relationship was sweet with some VERY spicy moments sprinkled in to keep you interested.

The other "hellions" were, of course, there to keep things wild. I just adore them all. That family is so fun and they never fail to get me smiling :) 

The plot was nicely paced, never a dull moment. There are just enough surprises along the way that kept me on the edge of my seat. And the end was just adorable, perfect for the story, with a nice lead in to the next book.

How to Woo a Reluctant Lady was an excellent book, one that any historical romance lover should read.


Featured Freebie:

Today's freebie is 
In the Garden of Temptation by Cynthia Wicklund
In the Garden of Temptation (The Garden Series Book 1)HONOR – Adam Stanford, Earl of Ashworth, has always done the right thing.
DESIRE – Lady Catherine Bourgeault, lonely and rejected, longs to experience passion, to love just once in her life.
TREACHERY – The Baron Bourgeault, to what extremes will an obsessive, unstable man go to achieve his own dark ends? 
SEDUCTION – In the face of a love that will not be denied, Adam and Catherine risk everything to be together.
BETRAYAL – What price must Catherine and Adam pay for a forbidden love in a time when honor meant everything?