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Waking Up with a Rake (The Royal Rakes #1) by Mia Marlowe + Featured Freebie

Waking Up with a Rake (The Royal Rakes, #1)
The race is on in this sexy new Regency series. To prevent three dukes from shoving their way into the royal line, the monarchy will dangle the ton's most notorious rakes before the dukes' intended brides. They'll cause a scandal, then call off any plans of matrimony. But just who will have the last laugh?

Rhys plans the seduction of Olivia like the cavalry officer he was, but when a series of mishaps convinces him that someone wants to get rid of her--permanently--he becomes her fiercest protector...even at the cost of his own heart.

My rating: 5/5

Waking Up with a Rake is definitely a HOT book. It's full of sweet romance, explosive passion, and a few shocking twists. Romance lovers, you've found a book that you'll adore.

The very idea of this book-and the continuing series-is a delightful one. Tempting ladies to create a scandal with London's most wicked men; it already sounds like a winner, doesn't it? And it met every one of my expectations. 

I really sympathized with Olivia. Despite the fact that she was going with her mother's plan to avoid disappointing her parents, she never seemed weak-willed. She dealt with the forced situation with dignity and a firm eye on how to get out of it. And later, when the suspicious accidents began, she handled them bravely, proving herself as a heroine. She toughed out all the craziness going on, from Rhys' presence to the possible murderer. Really a lovely heroine.

Rhys was a little more complicated. Though he is trying to do something that seems wrong, ruing a woman's reputation, he's doing it for the right reasons: to protect his family. So, it never really bothered me that he was trying to ruin Olivia because we found out why he does it in the first chapter. When the accidents started, Rhys was determined to protect Olivia immediately and it eventually overtook his original mission to ruin her. He proved to be the perfect man. Clever, sweet, and determined to protect those he loved. The romance between Olivia and Rhys was HOT. There were always sparks flying out whenever they were together. So to the lovers of that kind of romance, you'll have your fill. And those who prefer a sweet romance, their relationship was sweet as sugar as well.

There were a few surprises along the way, not the least of which is why someone would be seeking to hurt a random lady. I kind of expected who it turned out to be. Not in a way that the plot was overly predictable, but more that the author plants those seeds of suspicion early on. The ending was lovely. I'm excited to see what comes next with the other two rakes :)

I would recommend Waking Up with a Rake to any romance lover. It was a marvelous read.

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!
Featured Freebie:
I have two delightful medieval romances for you today:
1) A book by one of the best, consistently brilliant medieval romance authors: The  Warrior's Game by Denise Domning.
The Warrior's Game

Trapped in the court of King John, Lady Amicia de la Beres has foughtfor years, alone and unprotected, against a king and a court that will use her any way they can. But when King John puts her precious home into the hands of one of his greedy foreign mercenaries, Ami finally joins
ranks with the nobility. She will do everything and anything she can to protect what is hers from the upstart commoner, Michel de Martigny

All Michel wants is the gift John promised him: the wife and the estates that will make gentlemen of his sons. He expects nothing more from the woman who will be his wife except her scorn. But when he meets Amicia he discovers he is the one man she needs more than she can imagine, for only he can protect her from their king's game.

2) The first book in my favorite medieval highland novella series: Unspoken by Kerrigan Byrne
Unspoken (Highland Historical #1)

He's cursed with eternal silence...
Roderick MacLauchlan is death for hire. Blessed by an ancient Deity with Berserker rage, he has the strength of ten men. Cursed by a malicious enemy, he's incapable of speech. A desperate clan war rages around him and a malevolent adversary lurks in the darkness, calling for blood.

Evelyn Woodhouse is an English refugee with a dangerous secret. She has the ability to see the outcome of tomorrow's battle and knows they're on the wrong side of it. When a doomed and silent mercenary rescues her from a fate worse than death, it seems he has his own plans for her. This is his last night alive and she's never been able to defy destiny.

Go forth and get them for free!

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