Monday, October 29, 2012

Tales of the Macabre

Tales of the Macabre
A luxurious edition of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s best works, lavishly illustrated with macabre style by Benjamin Lacombe. From The Black Cat and the Tell Tale Heart to The Fall of the House of Usher, along with Charles Baudelaire’s essay on Poe’s life and works.

Okay, I know my blog is a romance book review blog, but I just have to rave about this compilation. 

So this is going to be a short review, since there isn't a whole lot to say about Tales of the Macabre.

This compilation is brilliantly done. Just spectacular. The choice of Poe's stories fit well together and the extras were a wonderful addition.

And the pictures were just fantastic. They fit the short stories perfectly. They had that same delightfully, spine-chillingly creepy edge that all of Poe's stories have.

If you want good compilation of Poe's works, this is the book for you. And if you don't, just look through this book. It is wonderful. Just brilliant.


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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