Saturday, October 27, 2012

Heart of the Tiger by Lynn Kerstan

Heart of the Tiger
Miranda "Mira" Holcombe has only one goal in life: To destroy the Duke of Tallant, Jermyn Keynes. Simply for the pleasure of it, he ruined her life, robbed her family of their land and valuables, and now threatens to destroy them entirely. How can a young woman caring for her disabled father bring down a powerful aristocrat? Only her father knows her deepest secrets, and he hopes that in London she will find a kind and gentle man to wed. But Mira is focused only on vengeance, whatever the cost. As she devises a plan to kill the duke, she discovers that Tallant's dark-souled younger brother, Michael, is bent on the same course. Can she believe he'll help her? Dare she trust him?

Michael Keynes once burned with dreams and goals, but all have been consumed by his determination to rid the earth of his tyrannical brother. After meeting the irresistible Mira, his mission changes. He resolves to protect her at any cost, and when the duke is found murdered, Michael deflects suspicion onto himself. But can he save Mira from her worst enemy . . . herself?

Neither can deny the electricity between them. Mira bewitches him with her sharp tongue and quick wit. Michael captivates her with his rakish brand of honor and his brilliant scheming on her behalf. Will she be able to escape the past and dare to reach for a better future? Will Michael see beyond the family's despicable heritage and make a new start in his own life? Can they redeem each other?

Heart of the Tiger was an okay book. It wasn't amazing, but it was okay. It just got kind of...boring.

All the characters were okay. 
Mira is fueled by revenge and we don't get the full reason why until close to the end of the book. She was okay. She was strong and determined, but she didn't take it too far. She was perfectly likable.

Michael was a good character as well. He is bent of revenge as much as Mira is. But he also had a sweeter side that revealed itself when he was with Mira. Though their common goal brought them together in the beginning, they stayed together later out of a newly grown love. It was sweet, especially in the face of the all the horrible things that are going on while their relationship grows. But, I didn't really connect with either of them. And I thought it was really bizarre that, after Jermyn does die (I won't reveal the circumstances of that) they fight about who should take the blame and be hung for it. Never mind the fact that neither of them did it. They truly got into a full fledged fight about who would be hung for a murder neither committed instead of trying to find out who actually did it. It was just bizarre. I just didn't get the two main characters.

The plot was fine. But it was so slow. If the plot had moved faster, I might have liked this book. But it got boring. It just didn't move quickly enough to keep my attention. If you notice, every word I use to describe my opinion about the book is lackluster, which is how I felt the book was. You'd think with a murder scheme going on, things would be more exciting. But they were just...not. I wrote this review 3 days after I read the book, and it was so unmemorable, that I had to strain to remember anything about it. It makes me feel terrible to write such as negative review, but this book just wasn't the greatest book I've ever read.

Heart of the Tiger is just an okay book. If you need a fast paced book that keeps you hooked, this isn't the book for you. But if you have greater patience than I, you should give it a try. Maybe you'll like it better than I did. 


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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