Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silver (Bandia #1) by Talia Vance

Silver (Bandia, #1)
Brianna has always felt invisible. People stare right past her, including the one boy she can't resist, Blake Williams. But everything changes at a house party where Brianna's charm bracelet slips off and time stands still. In that one frozen, silver moment, Blake not only sees her, he recognizes something deep inside her she's been hiding even from herself.

Discovering she is descended from Danu, the legendary Bandia of Celtic myth, Brianna finds herself questioning the truth of who she is. And when she accidentally binds her soul to Blake, their mutual attraction becomes undeniable.

But Blake has his own secret, one that could prove deadly for them both.

Bound together by forbidden magic, Brianna and Blake find themselves at the heart of an ancient feud that threatens to destroy their lives and their love

Oh my goodness, this book was fantastic! Loved it!
When I read the summary, I knew it had to be amazing. But, it still managed to surprise me with how truly excellent it was.

Celtic myths haven't been looked into very much. We have a plethora of Greek myths and a handful of Egyptian myths, and even some Native American myths. But I haven't seen Celtic myths too often, so I was really looking forward to a new theme to explore. And it didn't disappoint.

Brianna is a different heroine. She's not technically a good guy. Her kind is supposed to be...sinful, bad, you get the idea. But, that doesn't define her. She's still a brave, kind girl who is struggling to make do with what she's been given in the best way she can. She's an admirable character. And I liked how she didn't just believe what she was told about the whole situation. She reserved judgment until she found out all the facts, a trait that some heroines really should take up. She was great; I really liked her.

Blade was quite the conundrum. When I first heard about the character, I thought he would be fairly standard. But he turned out to be a lot harder to pin down than I thought. For a while, I wasn't quite sure what was going on with him, what side he was on. He always seemed to surprise me, him and Brianna both. Their relationship was one hell of a whirlwind, a total roller coaster. I think some people might get frustrated with that, but I liked it. They were never over-dramatic. Their break-ups and make-ups felt reasonable and realistic, not just a plot tool to just have something happen. And when they weren't in that tumultuous ride, they were a very sweet couple. Blake was positively adorable. After finally pinning him down, it didn't take long for me to get a soft-spot for the Celtic warrior. 

The plot was a crazy ride. It moved fast and had so many twists and turns, it's all you can do to keep up. The story was original and the ending was satisfying with a nice lead into the next book, which I absolutely can't wait for.

Loved this book so much!


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