Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to Disgrace a Lady by Bronwyn Scott

How to Disgrace a Lady
Merrick's season of outrageous scandal has taken a challenging turn. Caught in a—far less than usually—compromising situation with Lady Alixe Burke, this so-called gentleman is tasked by her father with making his daughter marriageable!

Lady Alixe, more happy in the library than the ballroom, is most definitely left-on-the-shelf material. He'll never walk away from a wager, but Merrick's expertise extends way beyond society etiquette. Never before entrusted with a woman's modesty, Merrick sets about teaching her everything he know

Wonderful! I loved every bit of it! How to Disgrace a Lady was a sweet romance that any lover of historical romance will enjoy.

Lady Alixe is 26 years old and want to remain a spinster. Unfortunately, things don't go her way. But, despite it all, Alixe remained a lovely character. She held her own against Merrick. She knew when to fight and when to accept her losses. I have to say, she was a fun character. She's very clever and willing to fight for what she wants. She's strong enough not to settle. If there was anything I would have to say against her, it would be that I don't understand how the woman who fought so hard against being forced to marry suddenly decided to meekly accept the marriage her parents arranged for her. I get that it was a plot device, but it didn't fit her characterization. It would have been a lot better if the author had done without the whole engagement.But, otherwise, I really liked Alixe.

Merrick was even more fun. He's charming beyond belief. The charmer got me to smile whenever he was on the page. He's not shallow, however. He's very intelligent. His smarts combined with his charm make him unstoppable in claiming anyone's heart. He's known as a promiscuous lover, but he gives it up once he meets Alixe. I liked that he didn't wallow in denial. Once he found out he was in love with Alixe, he refused to stop fighting for her. It was very sweet and endearing. 

The plot was fairly predictable. That can be a bad thing to some people, but others will appreciate it. For myself, I adored it. The story moves quickly. We get to see sensual romance and gripping suspense. It's not a literary masterpiece but it was sweet, a book that will put a smile on your face.

So, if you like sweet and sensual romance, you'll love How to Disgrace a Lady.


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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