Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Warrior by Margaret Mallory

The Warrior (Return of the Highlanders, #3)
From the Isle of Skye to the battlefields of France, Duncan MacDonald has never escaped the memory of the true love he left behind. Deemed unworthy of a chieftain's daughter, Duncan abandoned the lovely Moira to prove his worth in battle. Now, when called upon to rescue her from a rival clan, one thing is certain: Moira's pull on his heart is stronger than ever.

Bartered away in marriage to a violent man, Moira will do anything to ensure she and her son survive. When a rugged warrior arrives to save her, the desperate beauty thinks her prayers have been answered—until she realizes it's Duncan. The man who once broke her heart is now her only hope. Moira vows never again to give herself—or reveal her secrets—to the fierce warrior, but as they race across the sea, danger and desire draw them ever closer

I LOVED The Warrior. It was a brilliant book with romance, action, and drama. Basically, it was perfection.

All of the characters were well built. There was more to each one than just their assigned role. Even the antagonists had more than one side. All of them catch your interest and make you feel something for them, be it love, hate, or something in between.

Moira is definitely a survivor. After years of marriage with an abusive husband, she emerges stronger than ever. She will do anything for the sake of her son, Ragnall, even enduring a marriage with a violent man. And when it came down to fighting for her life, she wasn't afraid to do whatever it took to stay alive. It was all very admirable. And she doesn't hold grudges. I was worried that I would end up with a book where Moira spent 90% of it acting like a shrew because she can't forgive. But, thankfully, she is forgiving. But she's no doormat. She wasn't afraid to call Duncan out on his crap and get her way. I really liked her character. She's probably one of the best romance heroines I've seen.

Duncan was also a fun character. He left Moira years ago after her father found out about their relationship and sent Duncan away. There's more to it than that, reasons that go deeper. But I'll let you discover that for yourself. But besides that, he proves to be a great hero. He's sweet with Moira and protective of her. After making a mistake the first time around, he's determined to do it right this time. And I loved how he acted with Ragnall. He was sweet with the little boy, and as protective over him as he was with Moira. He's definitely a worthy love interest.

The plot was fast paced and never had a dull moment. There are a few twists along the way, but nothing very big. The ending was perfect, not a single complaint there.

The Warrior is a wonderful book that combines romance with action and quite a bit of drama. I adored it!


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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