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Loving Lady Marcia (House of Brady #1) by Kieran Kramer

Loving Lady Marcia (House of Brady, #1)
LOVING LADY MARCIAKieran Kramer In the House of Brady, three very lovely girls have hair of gold—and hearts to match—but finding a match among the gentlemen of London is one comedy of errors that could bring down the house… 
Of the three Brady sisters, Lady Marcia has always seemed the girl most likely to lead a perfectly charmed life. But after a handsome cad breaks her heart, she swears off love and devotes her life to teaching girls at a private school. In spite of her family’s wish for a London debut, Marcia is happy where she is—until terrible news sends her back to the Brady clan…and into the arms of an unexpected suitor. ON THE SUBJECT OF LOVE
A dark and dashing earl who knows Marcia’s past, Duncan Lattimore is surprised by what a fascinating and independent woman she’s become. Marcia, too, is surprised—by the fiery attraction she feels for Duncan. But why—why—must he be the brother of the scoundrel who broke her heart? Why must Marcia’s rival at school forbid her from seeing him? How can this lady possibly resist this fellow—when they know that it’s much more than a hunch…? 

Loving Lady Marcia was sweet and adorable. I loved just about every part of it and it was amazing.

Lady Marcia was a different character. She is headmistress of a prominent school and she is entirely dedicated to her job. It was admirable how she cared so much about the school and its students. She was a lovely character, smart, kind, and forgiving. The one part of her I didn't like was the part that was so quick to jump at hating Duncan. To everyone else she was fair. But she was quick to judge with Duncan. To an extent, I understood. I mean, she thought that Duncan was the reason for her heartbreak with his brother. But at some parts, I just couldn't understand how this otherwise kind woman was so mean spirited with Duncan. It frustrated me a little. But besides that, she was a wonderful character. 

Duncan was just amazing. I adored him. He was very sweet to Marcia, even when she was less than kind. He was understanding, and thoughtful, and just wonderful. He kind of reminded me a bit of Mr. Darcy. I kept picturing him as the Mr. Darcy played by Matthew McFayden. It was the way the he seemed reserved and cold at first, but when you get to know him, he's sweet and adorable. Of course, I LOVE Mr. Darcy, so the comparison to him only made me like Duncan even more. I loved his character and I loved him and Marcia together. A sweeter couple you will never find. 

Finn, Duncan's brother, was one of the best antagonists I've seen. He's handsome and charming. But he seduces anyone without worry of consequences, leaving behind broken hearts, bastard children, and ruined reputations. You can be absolutely charmed by him one minute and absolutely hate him the next. He was a fun character.

The story was original. I've seen a lot of different historical romances, but this one is unique among the rest. It was fast-paced with a lovely ending. I was so happy that Marcia and Duncan got their happy ending. BTW, for those who like to know, there's not a lot of...rated R content. There is one scene, but this book isn't packed with them, which could either be a disappointment or a relief, depending on how you see it. Now, I would love to see the stories of the next Brady girls :)

So, Loving Lady Marcia was delightful. I loved it!


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy! 

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