Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Ice Princess by Elizabeth Hoyt

The Ice Princess (Princes Trilogy, #4)

As the madam of Aphrodite’s Grotto, the most infamous brothel in London, Coral Smythe knows everything possible about men’s needs and desires. Yet she’s never experienced the love of a single man—not even that of Captain Isaac Wargate whose hawk-like eyes stare at her with both condemnation…and lust.


Captain Wargate heartily disapproves of the sensuous madam who always wears a golden mask. She lures his officers from both his ship and their duty. But when Coral herself is offered up as the prize in a game of chance, Wargate impulsively enters…and wins.


Now the puritanical navy captain has just seven nights to learn everything he can about the mysterious madam and what she knows of a man’s desires. But when Coral is threatened by the new owner of Aphrodite’s Grotto, will Wargate take a chance on the woman beneath the mask…and on love?

Sweet, adorable story...
The Ice Princess is a wonderful, short romance.

Coral was forced into becoming a prostitute after her sister wasn't able to support them on a maid's job. After becoming the madame of a brothel, she refuses to sell her body anymore, and hasn't for two years. Until the man she owes a debt to for saving her brothel puts her up for sale for a seven day arrangement. I really admired Coral. Although she's in a bad situation, she makes the best of it. She's very strong and has no illusions about her grim reality. She was a lovely character who I felt I could cheer for wholeheartedly.

Isaac is an interesting man. He first disapproves heartily of Coral, or Aphrodite, as he knows her as. But, a gentleman at heart, he doesn't hesitate to swoop in and save her from other men when she is unwillingly offered up for sale. And he was sweet about the whole situation. Though he doesn't bother to hide his disapproval of her at first, as he gets to know her, he becomes a total sweetheart, intent on saving his damsel in distress. Their romance was heart-warming, and steamy, of course. Both characters were brilliant.

The ending was adorable. A perfect, sweet ending to the story. 

The Ice Princess is a wonderful novella. If you like historical romance, you'd love this book.


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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