Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time's Daughter by Anya Breton

Time's Daughter
In this sweet young adult love story, sixteen-year-old art nerd Aeon Still is the unwilling subject of a documentary about average American teenagers. She must quickly come to terms with the identity of her mystery parent, Chronos, the god of time, the realization that she wields extraordinary power, and the trials of keeping the town safe all while hiding her secret from a camera crew. Her life is further complicated by the interest of the enchanting new guy in town, Alex, who harbors a secret of his own: he's a shapeshifter.

Time's Daughter is one of the most ADORABLE books I've ever read. Heartwarming with more than a few thrilling scenes, this book is just amazing!

Aeon is a lovely character. She's quiet and a talented artist. She's very brave, but not to the point of stupidity, and doesn't hesitate to protects those she loves. I loved that she was able to realistically accept her new reality when she found out about all the supernatural goings on. She was smart, resourceful, and a model female lead.

Alex is soooo sweet! Oh my goodness, I smiled about his many adorable moments so much that my brother started to look at me funny. He is perfect, just perfect. I don't want to say what he is, but let's just say he's not your average hot new guy. While he doesn't trust Aeon at the beginning, when he first finds out about her ability, he grows to be her steadfast protector when things went wrong. I wish I could find myself I guy like him ;)Seriously, withing the course of the book, he completely stole my heart. 

The story was fast-paced and kept me interested the whole time. The fight scenes were thrilling and the ending was sweet. The entire book had me riveted, both at the sweet moments between Aeon and Alex and the thrilling action scenes. The mythology is interesting and unique.

I had a few minor problems and, while they didn't bother me enough to detract from the book, I feel like I should mention them. First, a few times, it felt a lot like Twilight, though-I assure you- Time's Daughter is MUCH better. It was just a few scenes but they gave me an odd sense of deja vu. The other part is that I wish the mythology was elaborated upon. It was explained to the extent that was required for understanding the story but I found it really interesting and hoped to find out more. As I haven't heard of a sequel I'm assuming this is all we get to learn about the fascinating mythology. It wasn't a big deal to me, but I just would have liked to have learned more.

But these problems were very minor for me and, overall, I found Time's Daughter to be utter perfection. It was brilliant throughout and the sweet ending had me smiling.

No question about it: 5/5

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