Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Siren's Song by Jennifer Bray-Weber

The Siren's Song (Romancing the Pirate #3)
Gilly is fleeing from the man who murdered her lover. When her boat goes down and she's rescued by a pirate crew, she may have found herself in more trouble than she bargained for. The Captain, Thayer Drake, is fascinated by Gilly and can't help but try to protect her even though he suspects she is keeping too many secrets. When she is kidnapped and given into the custody of Drake's arch nemesis, Drake has to act fast. But can he trust Gilly? Will he be able to save her when the stakes are high?

The Siren's Song is a high stakes pirate romance featuring an unlikely hero and an unconventional heroine. I loved every minute of this fast paced gem of a book.

First off, the premise is unique and fascinating. Say goodbye to high society and hello to cursing, unrefined, yet somehow lovable pirates. The combination of a woman running away from her lover's murderer and pirate rivalry provide a delightful mix of double high stakes. There isn't a single moment where I wasn't on the edge of my seat, rushing to find out what happened next.

The characters were all brilliant. As I said, Gilly is an unconventional lead. She used to be a singer and dancer in a bar before she went on the run, already something out of the ordinary for romance books. Add to that her cleverness and tendency to break down any obstacles through sheer will and you've got a lead that anyone would cheer for. Though her past haunts her, she doesn't let it bring her down. Even during the fight scenes, which of course are necessary for any pirate book, Gilly didn't cower in a corner. She took whatever she could find and totally took down men twice her size without breaking a sweat. She truly was a fantastic character.

Thayer Drake (loved that name) is our pirate love interest. He was a delightful combination of tough as nails pirate and sweet, caring lover. He went to great lengths to keep Gilly safe, even when they weren't exactly happy with each other. When she was in danger, he completely disregarded his own safety and invariably swooped in to safe her. I was entranced by this paradox of a man, and I couldn't have loved him more-especially after what he does at the end. Seriously, when I read the last pages of the book, I lost my heart completely to the amazing Captain Drake.

The other character, good and bad, were all fun to read about. Each and every character was intriguing in their own way, especially the crew. The crew members were hilarious and adorable in their paradoxical way. The antagonists in this book were all interesting in their own right. Even though I hated their guts, I still found them to be interesting.

The story is fast-paced, never slowing down for a second. And it wasn't predictable, to an extent. While I could guess some of the plot twist, others caught me by surprise and blew me away. The ending was magnificent and I adored it.

Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt: 5/5

Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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