Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine by Jayne Fresina

The Most Improper Miss Sophie Valentine
"Wanted: one husband, not too particular. Small dowry, several books, sundry furnishings, and elderly aunt included. Idlers, time-wasters, and gentlemen with other attachments need not apply."

Scarred in a childhood accident, Sophia Valentine doesn't expect any takers on her ad for a husband in the Farmer's Gazette, until the mysterious Lazarus Kane shows up at her door. To Sophia, he is an exciting, enigmatic stranger. But Lazarus has known Sophia for years and has come a long way to find her. Things are about to get complicated for the mischievous Miss Valentine.

The Most Improper Sophie Valentine is a brilliant book about a love that survived trials and tribulations to end up even stronger.

Sophia is disillusioned with the idea of marriage. She only puts the ad up to bother her sister-in-law and prove a point. So imagine her surprise when a hottie ends up on her door, offering his hand in marriage. She's shocked, to say the least. She wasn't very gracious to him, which bothered me. Hell, if I was her and a tall, dark and handsome showed up at my door to marry me, I would say: Hell, yes, I'll meet you at the alter. Add that he's very sweet to her and I just don't see why she was initially reluctant to have him. She does redeem herself later, so I didn't hold it against her. 

Lazarus, our mail-in hottie, knew Sophie before he answered the ad, though Sophie didn't know him. No, he's not a stalker. I'll let you find out about that fascinating tale when you read this. He's...just beyond words spectacular. Not only is he sexy beyond words, but he's also a sweetheart. His past was difficult and tormented but he makes the best of it, living everyday to its fullest (you find out exactly why and, let me tell you, it will break your heart). I wish that issue that makes him so conscious of life could have been resolved rather than left open. Russ is determined to woo Sophie, and he managed to woo me at the same time. Seriously, he is the epitome of a hot romance love interest.

The story starts off slow and shaky, which is why I knocked off a star. Once Sophie and Lazarus begin their relationship, things pick up and go by much more smoothly. The ending made me smile and warmed my heart. It was just beautiful. 

So, overall, this book was riveting. After a slow start, the story took off and I ended up loving it.


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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