Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Too Tempting to Resist by Cara Elliott

Too Tempting to Resist

In the Wolf's Lair . . . 

Determined to stop her wayward brother from squandering their dwindling fortune, Lady Eliza Brentford decides to follow him to his favorite den of depravity. There, among the candlelight and raucous revelry, she encounters her brother's role model in debauchery, the notorious Marquess of Haddan, Gryffin Dwight. Staring into his smoldering green eyes, Eliza can't help but find the rakehell nobleman seductively charming-and sinfully attractive. 

In a Lover's Paradise . . .

When Gryffin appears on Eliza's estate as a guest of her brother, a stolen kiss among the garden's blooms leads to a night of unbridled passion. Suddenly the lovely widow feels herself opening up, like the petals of a rose. Could this master of seduction possibly feel true emotion for Eliza? Or is he leading her down the garden path to an Eden of delights no woman can resist-and a fall no woman can escape?

Too Tempting to Resist is a sensual read with only one issue but it irritated enough to knock off a star. 

The story itself is interesting and engaging. The ending was sweet and standard of a historical romance. 
Eliza was a lovely character. She may be a country widow, but underestimating her would be a bad idea. This is a woman who will brave a brothel to rein in her little brother, so anything else would be a breeze. It's wonderful how she is able to use her talents to support herself, even if she has to operate under a male alias. 

Gryff is sweet and delicious and delightful. Excepting my one issue with this book, he was incredible. 

And, may I say, I loved the cats in this book and their adorable characters. They were just precious. 

My one issue is the big misunderstanding that caused a rift in their relationship. It was...rather shallow. I didn't think it was a legitimate cause for the problem that arose. I think Gryff should have been reasonable enough to respond better, if his earlier actions were any indication. He redeemed himself later but it was irritating enough that I knocked off a star. I can deal with these misunderstandings that tear the couple apart but this one was a little too overdramatized. 

Besides that, this book was hot and entertaining. 


Thank you Netgalley for a copy!

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