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Surrender to the Roman by Marty Kindall Chester

Surrender to the Roman
As the Romans storm the last stronghold of Dacia, Princess Ademeni awaits her fate. Taken as a slave, she is deposited into General Marcus Cordovis's home as a gift.

Driven to avenge her family, Ademeni plots to kill her captor and escape. Though not the cruel victor she expects, Marcus keeps her too close to make escape easy-so close that Ademeni is soon tormented by an unbidden, traitorous attraction. In a moment of weakness, a passionate kiss almost undoes them both.

But the handsome, widowed general has another surprise for Ademeni: a young daughter. Marcus dares ask Ademeni to help him bridge the gap between him and his little girl. And now, Ademeni is growing too fond of those she is supposed to despise. As Marcus prepares for the triumphal march and the opening of the gladiatorial games-where captives of her homeland will be sacrificed-Ademeni readies for her own battle-between revenge and love.

Simply excellent. I loved it!

Surrender to the Roman is a magnificent, sweet, tender romance that is true to the time period of the Romans.

Ademeni is a Dacian princess who was taken as a slave in General Marcus' home. She plots revenge against the leader who conquered her home and fights her attraction to him. That becomes harder as her proves himself to be a decent man who shows her true kindness. I really liked that she didn't hold a grudge. When she falls in love with Marcus, she lets go of her anger, albeit reluctantly. She's a very strong character, which is especially remarkable considering the time period, when woman-especially female slaves-were treated poorly. She's loyal and clever and a wonderful lead.

Marcus is an admired Roman general but he's not cruel to his conquests. He's kind and fair and shows remarkable patience to Ademeni's various attempts to kill him and his second in command, who, by the way, is creepy and cruel and crazy (I have to say I was endlessly pleased with his ending). When he realizes he's in love with Ademeni, he ignores all the opposition of society and does everything he can to build a life for them. He really was sweet and I adored him.

The other characters are wonderful, especially Marcus' daughter and his mother. His daughter was adorable and his mother's matchmaking schemes were hilarious. 

As I said, this book is true to the time period. It doesn't shy away from the negative aspects of Rome, particularly how they treated their slaves. I gives a true look into the reality that was Rome. I really loved that about it. It gave it an air of authenticity that was special in a historical romance. 

The ending was heartwarming. I was very happy with the ending for each of the character. I wish there was a sequel just so that I could see more of them. If you like historical romance, or are just interested in ancient Rome, you'll love this.

Thanks to Netgalley and Carina Press for a copy!

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