Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Perfect Imposter by Wendy Soliman

The Perfect Imposter

Struggling to escape her past and make ends meet as a modiste, Katrina Sinclair hopes the daring new wardrobe she's designed for her childhood friend Julia—now a marchioness—will attract the business she desperately needs. But Julia's help comes at a price: Katrina must take her place at a house party. They look enough alike for the ruse to work...until Julia's handsome former fiancĂ© arrives.

Leo Kincade has been tasked with catching a traitor who steals from house parties to fund Napoleon's armies. Three women are suspected—including Julia. But when Leo intercepts her at the party, he finds an impostor who stirs an attraction stronger than anything he felt for Julia.

The mysterious woman shares Leo's interest, even if she won't trust him with her true identity. He should expose her at once, but he's too tempted to play along and see where her deception—and their passion—will lead..

I LOVED this book. It is a brilliant, suspenseful, shocking romance that takes so many twists and turns, your head will spin. 

The story is that Katrina Sinclair, a modiste, is cajoled by her friend, Julia, to masquerading as her in an upcoming house party. As is that isn't complicated enough, Julia's ex-fiance shows up at the party, looking for a potential jewel thief...and Julia is one of the suspects. Add an insane brother-in-law of Katrina's jerk of a dead husband and you have The Perfect Imposter.

Katrina was a great character to read about. She's in a sticky situation, always under the threat that she will be found out but she manages to keep herself together and take every challenge thrown at her. She hasn't had an easy life, especially since she was married but she's doing her best to get it together as a modiste with Julia's patronage. Her strength is admirable and she feels very real in her reactions to her situation.

Leo was a swoon-worthy love-interest. He's very clever and a total sweetie to Katrina. He figures out himself that "Julia" is actually Katrina and then works to help her while tracking a jewel thief. I loved that when he made a mistake, he didn't hesitate to make amends regardless of his pride. He is a total beast in his job. He takes down a jewel thief while paying the social customs and seeing every little inconsistency in his surroundings. Not one thing will escape his notice and if you have any reason to be guilty of a crime, he will take you down. It was totally awesome. 

Julia was really irritating. She was so selfish and materialistic and uncaring of anyone but herself. It really made me mad.

The story is constantly tense with Katrina having to slip through the party without being caught. There is never a dull moment with this complex, twisted plot. The villains are clever yet totally insane (well one is, the other is more a victim in this twisted saga). The ending provided a huge shock for Katrina. We find out something about her that I never saw coming. The rest turned out to a wonderful ending. 

The Perfect Imposter is fantastic book combining romance with contatnt suspense. 


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