Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Lady's Revenge by Tracey Devlyn

A Lady's Revenge
British agent Cora deBeau has spent the last three years seducing secrets from the most hardened of French spies while searching for her parents’ killer. When her latest assignment goes awry, she suffers at the hands of her French captor until Guy Trevelyan, the Earl of Helsford and master cryptographer, saves her during a daring rescue. Scarred and wary of men, Cora shies away from the one man who could heal her savaged heart.

After rescuing Cora from a French dungeon, Guy discovers it was one of his deciphered messages that led to her captivity. While her enemy tracks them across England, Guy strives to earn her forgiveness. But will he find the scars on her wounded soul run too deep?

Brilliant, just wonderful!
The stakes couldn't be higher in A Lady's Revenge and a mix of romance, suspense, and action create a magnificent story.

Cora is definitely a tormented character. She works as a spy for the British during the Napoleonic War and she is found out by the Valere, man she's spying on. He tortures her for information until Guy, her childhood friend and future lover, saves her from the prison. Cora is incredibly strong. Not only can she take down a man twice her size but she has also suffered a lot in her life and managed to grow past it. She is determined to bring her parents' killer to justice and won't rest until she has found the murderer. 

Guy is amazing. He's very sweet to Cora and very protective of her. Though this causes him to go against allowing her to put herself in danger, he does accept that she can hold her own. When society threatens to turn their noses at Cora for her questionable work, he stands by her, refusing to let her face their scorn alone. 

The story is constantly fast-paced and tense. Valere refuses to to let Cora go, both because of the information she could divulge and because he's in love with her in a disturbing, perverse way. The stakes are literally the lives of the characters and the freedom of their country and you can never forget it with the constant threat of Cora being recaptured. 

The ending is flawless. The perfect ending to such a brilliant book. All the loose ends were tied in a realistic way, no too-tidy ending. It definitely doesn't disappoint.

So, A Lady's Revenge is a perfect book that combines romance with high-stakes.

A definite 5/5
Thanks to Netgalley for a copy

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