Thursday, April 12, 2012

How to Ravish a Rake by Vicky Dreiling

How to Ravish a Rake (How To Series #3)

Amy Hardwick has one last Season to shake off her wallflower image and make a love match. If she can't, she'll set aside her dreams of romance and return home to a suitor who can provide security-if little else. What she doesn't count on is the inappropriate-and irresistible-attention lavished on her in a darkened library by rake extraordinaire Will "The Devil" Darcett . . .


When Will is caught in a tryst with the ton's shyest miss, he knows he must offer for her hand. Yet Amy is not the shrinking violet she seems to be. Passion lies beneath her prim exterior and Will is eager to release it. But winning Amy isn't simply a matter of seduction; first, Will must convince her that he's mended his wicked ways . . .

How to Ravish a Rake was an excellent read. It was hot, engaging, and brilliant. It helps that I have a inclination for romances about a married couple falling in love. This one is definitely a worthy addition to the list of greats in that area. 

For one, Amy is very admirable yet still seems real. She has her flaws but she does her best to overcome them. I love how she set out to reinvent herself and managed to very successfully. And after she and Will are forced into a marriage to avoid scandal, she doesn't back down and do what society expects her to do (live a separate life from Will after popping out an heir). And she doesn't back down from Will either. They are an adorable couple and I loved seeing them together. 

That brings us to our delightful hero, Will. He is interesting in the best way possible. Not only is he a delicious love interest but he is also a dynamic character that will manage to surprise you a few times. And he is so sweet to Amy. Despite the odd circumstances of their marriage, he rises to the occasion and becomes a perfect husband to Amy. 

Now, about the way they were forced into the marriage... 
They were found in an uncomfortable situation and they had to get married to stem the impending scandal. That whole situation that they were caught in was hilarious. It was so funny and so cute. It made me laugh when they found themselves in the sticky situation. I don't want to say what happened and ruin the surprise so I'll just conclude with: you will love it. It's just the perfect situation to bring this quirky couple together. 

The ending was sweet and fairly standard. My only issue was how Amy reacted to certain news about Will and Will finding out certain news about her. She overreacted to epic proportions only to cave in quickly the next morning (after all her bags had been packed). I could see why she was bothered by it, but I didn't think it warranted all that drama. 

Besides that, How to Ravish a Rake is top notch in historical romance. 
Loved it! 


Thanks to Netgalley for a copy!

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