Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tomorrow Land by Mari Mancusi

Tomorrow Land
Okay,so when I first heard about Tomorrow Land, I didn't think I would like it. When I finished it, I fell totally in love! This book is fantastic, truly amazing. 

First, I'm a little wary of the whole zombie apocalypse idea. So why did I even look at this book? I just thought, what the heck, let's give zombies a try. And I am so glad I did. 

The world Mancusi creates is one where your best friend can become a cannibalistic monster and you'd have to take them out. She doesn't make everything doom and gloom, however. She characterizes the world as still vibrant, still with hope. 

Peyton was definitely tough. She has implants that allow her to see better and move faster, as well as razors in her hands. She's been through a lot and you can definitely tell she has a chip on her shoulder. She sometimes acted downright mean, but it was never annoying because her harshness was totally justified and she didn't bring it into the realms of unreasonableness. 

Chris/Chase is awesome. He underestimates himself in his strength, but he can definitely handle just about anything the zombie apocalypse throws at him. He strives to be a better person and a better leader to the orphans so that he can be worthy of Peyton. You can't tell me that's not adorable. He isn't perfect and you see him work through a lot of resentment and weakness, but he remains a worthy hero. 

The ending was awesome. There is a twist that you would never see coming. I sure didn't and I was shocked beyond belief at the plot twist. I'm not going to spoil the magnificent ending, but I will say that it was perfect. 

Tomorrow Land is a fantastic book. Even if you feel a little unsure of the whole zombie thing, I would definitely recommend this book. It is pure, zombie-infested, blood-and-guts perfection. 

Definitely 5/5 

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