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A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink

A Temptation of Angels
(By the way, I have seen this pictures used as a cover for 2 other books. Hmmm....)
So, I was a little torn about this but after a little time to let it sink in, I decided that I did like A Temptation of Angels. There are definitely some negative aspects to it, but they end up overshadowed by the positives. 

Let's get the bad out of the way, shall we? 
In the first portion of the book, maybe the first third or so, I felt really confused. I didn't understand what was going on. I didn't get the mythology of the angels. It was kind of frustrating. 

What's worse is that the mythology is never fully explained. I don't know if there is going to be a sequel, I haven't heard anything about it yet, but if that's all that's going to be explained, then I didn't fully grasp the mythology. Only the basics were explained; it never elaborated. By the end I had begun to piece together the whole thing, but I still didn't understand the full picture. 

Also, angels didn't feature all to prominently. That's somewhat justified because Keepers are meant to stay earthbound but they didn't even have special powers other than light jumping and quasi-immortality. Otherwise, they didn't show angelic qualities, which I though was a little strange. 

Finally,there's Raum. I didn't quite know what to make of him. I get that he had his reasons that somewhat justified his actions but I didn't think that they got him off the hook. He might be tall, dark, and handsome as well as the bad boy but I still didn't get why Helen loved him. Yeah, he was that little boy you had tea parties with but he was also responsible for the death of your parents. If I was her, I could never find it in me to forgive him. I may cooperate with him, but I could never forgive him. It's a little difficult for me. On one hand, Raum is guilty of murder, on the other, I pitied him. At least Helen didn't just fall into his arms; she was reasonable about it, other than loving him. He really falls into both positive and negative. I didn't like that Helen forgave him but I loved his character and the dynamic conundrum it created. 

That brings us to the positives. 

I really liked Helen's character. She was strong, clever, and determined. She did't let the brothers take care of her; she was insistent on taking care of herself. It was really nice to see a heroine that strong; they don't come up all that often. She is definitely not the stereotypical, whiny, weak female lead that we have all come to know and hate. She's tough and she's not afraid to prove it. 

Griffin and Darius were lovely. While they are brothers, they are polar opposites of each other. Griffin is calm, kind, and gentle. Darius is sarcastic, volatile, and harsh. Even though Griffin is content to let Darius lead, he's not afraid to take him on when their view clash. On more than one occasion, Griffin makes it clear that he won't let Darius have free reign if he can help it. Despite their difference and Darius' determination to antagonize Helen, both were committed to protecting her and finding the person killing all the Keepers. I adored them both.They're both awesome in their own way. Griffin is sweet and adorable; Darius is dynamic and interesting. I definitely understood why Helen fell in love with Griffin, he was sooo cute. 

Once I understood the mythology, the last 2/3 of the book were excellent. I was on the edge of my seat, reading as fast as I could to find out what was going to happen. The ending left a lot open so I'm wondering if there will be a sequel because it feels like a few loose ends could be tied. Hopefully there will be, because I'm incredibly curious to know more about the mythology and to find out what happens to the characters. 

Overall, I'm not sure A Temptation of Angels is for everyone. If you have the patience to read through the confusing first section, you will definitely be rewarded with a fabulous rest of the book. If you don't have the patience to wait through that part, then I would say to proceed with caution. 

I definitely liked this book. It had it's flaws but it redeemed itself. Here's hoping there's a sequel. 

After much deliberation, 4/5 

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