Monday, March 26, 2012

Night Marchers by Courtney Nuckels

Night Marchers 

(Beautiful cover...absolutely gorgeous!)

I got this for free on amazon, so I didn't expect it to be good. I was surprised to find it was a fairly good book. There are a few things that I didn't like, however. 

First, there were a few grammatical errors. It wasn't a big deal, but I'm somewhat OCD about grammar, so that was just a minor irritation. 

The problem was the love triangle. It was...I don't know. It just didn't sit well with me. The two guys are Tristan, a local Hawaiian, and Kai, an immortal-by-accident who knows quite a lot about the Night Marchers. While I loved them both, it was a little strange to me that Emma was close to admitting her love to Tristan and once she's with Kai, she decides to has a little crush on him, too. I don't know, I felt like it just wasn't handled all too gracefully. It felt like the guys were just switched, one for the other, and Emma didn't take much notice. She mentions feeling guilty about Tristan a few times and she wasn't mean or airheaded about the situation but I just didn't understand how love seemed to sprout out of nowhere. I don't normally mind insta-love but this was just a little extreme. There were also some parallels to Twilight that I wasn't very fond of(the part where she goes off to meet the bad guy even though her hottie tells her it's too dangerous...sound familiar?) 

Otherwise, I loved the characters and the look into Hawaiian culture and mythology. It was brilliant. The ending came with a plot twist that I never saw coming. I was in shock when it happened; I hoping to get my hands on the sequel soon so I can find out what happens after that massive cliffhanger. 

So a very nice 4/5 

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