Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Goddess Interrupted (Goddess Test, #2)
I cannot even begin to explain my emotions at this book. And that ending! I cannot believe what happened. Oh my dear god, this is just unbelievable. 

Okay. *takes a deep breath* 
Now that I have marginally calmed down (not really) maybe I can actually sound coherent. 

Wow, that was just...a roller coaster of emotion to say the least. I went from suspense to anger to confusion to heartache to joy to grief to frustration to ecstatic to horrified. You could say I'm just a little emotionally overwhelmed.

Let's start at the beginning. The day Kate returns, the day she is supposed to have her coronation, Cronus decides to crash the party with the help of Calliope and we find ourselves in the middle of a second war between the Titans and the gods. The worst part is, without Calliope's power in this war, the gods have little chance to succeed. And so begins the drama. 

If there is one thing I can say frustrated me, it would be Kate's whining. I understood why she was confused, I mean Henry wasn't exactly welcoming when she returned, but she was a little too insecure. I didn't get too annoyed with it because I felt it was fairly justified, even though I know some people were really irritated with it. But especially after a certain part, when I have to tell you I almost screamed like a banshee, where...let's just say Kate's doubts are only strengthened. This does last for the majority of the book. Kate and Henry have some communication issues but they're fairly excusable with all the complicated dynamics of their relationship. 

We get to know the gods more, which is interesting. Some of it isn't a revelation if you know Greek mythology (for example, I already knew Aphrodite and Hephaestus were married) but even those were fascinating because we got to see how this form of the gods felt about their past. Ms. Carter took some creative liberty to add more dynamics to each of the gods and it turned out be extremely cool. 

Henry was frustrating for the first chunk of the book. He was...ugh, I wanted to shake some sense into him. But by the end, I had fallen even more in love with him. Oh, he is just...beyond words. I adore this man...good...whatever. 

But the best part, the part that made me want to shout and caused an EXPLOSION of emotion to erupt is the ending. Oh my dear god, that's epic. You will not see any of it coming. And that cliffhanger...please write fast Ms. Carter. I am DYING to find out what happens next. I swear that cliffhanger is making me go insane. I am going to die of anxiety before the next book comes out. It's just unbelievable, so shocking it will just change your world, I swear it will. 

Ms. Carter, if you happen to be reading this, PLEASE get The Goddess Inheritance out ASAP. I just HAVE to find out what happens. The anxiety is already unbearable and it's been ten minutes since I finished Goddess Interrupted. 

If you at least like the Goddess Test, you will LOVE Goddess Interrupted. Read this. You won't regret it. 

I would give with a million/5 but since I can't: a definite 5/5

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